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First Time With The Olympics

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After learning how to do, I overcame the shame and decided to begin my masturbator's career, in a strict family. Maybe not so strict ...

I was 13 and was living in Italy in a strict catholic family. This friend of mine was 14 and at the end of the summer he probably hadn't any better company to share,  so we used to go around by bike together. He had an obvious bossy attitude to me, telling stories and experiences and naturally came to touch masturbation, which he'd practised for some years. He was cautious on the subject and never showed me anything, which made me strongly curious about. He explained in detail how-to and what I'd experience if I tried. He said may still dry at my age but that wouldn't lessen the pleasure of tossing myself. So, when I used to go to bed at night I would start rubbing, but I always stopped half way because it would have been shameful to confess it to the priest on Saturdays. It was a formidable obstacle to me.

But one night, during the Mexico Olympics in 1968, I was in bed moving slowly my two fingers on my short  shaft and in my arousal I still remember whispering to myself, "This time I'll go all the way." I moved my hand more quickly and suddenly I felt my legs shiver and my feet writhe uncontrollably. I felt I couldn't continue to stroke my penis and it pulsed 4-5 times standing very hard from my pajamas. It was my first dry orgasm and I couldn't imagine that  it was only the beginning of thousands till  today.

I felt a bit shameful and promised to myself that, my curiosity satisfied, I'd never do it again.  The following day I did it four times and that became my daily average for months. I used to think, why family, having a kid's enjoyment in mind, doesn't encourage such a pleasant unharmful activity, even knowing that it happens and has to be done secretly and hidden off. I always thought that my father was the rigid one, while my mother, had we been free to touch the subject, would prove indulgent and understanding.

Sometimes, during my masturbation sessions, I fancied to ask her permission, being sure she would tolerate or approve of that. At about 14 I started ejaculating and had to accept that she doing the laundry would know my activities. Many of my friends at school had been walked in on by moms but not one ever reported "special talks", reproach or so. So it became a habit and a turn on and sometimes I didn't lock the door while she was in the house. I was pretty sure that she on occasion was seeing me and she always could guess when and where I was doing it. That was a powerful source of excitement, and turning myself  towards the half-open door where she could be watching sped up my orgasm, this was our secret.

The naked girls on a magazine, my knowing mom, my penis in hand, my friends who were all doing the same in that moment ... nothing is like masturbation. When I started dating that naturally ended, but my masturbation went on happily.



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