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First Time With Osky's Girl

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It was 1963, I was a junior in college and living on campus. A freshman coed (Carol), a beautiful blonde with large boobs and a great personality, happened to come from a town near my home. At Christmas break, she invited me to a party at Osky's home in our area. Osky (given name of Oscar) was a guy she had met at Thanksgiving and was quite fond of. They began "going steady" after Christmas and Osky asked me if I would be Carol's on-campus "date" from time to time. He said she liked me and thought by her "dating" me it would keep the wolves away. I thought this was a pretty good deal as long as I could date other gals as well, and he said that would be OK. Truth is, I did not date much, preferring to be a gym rat, play cards, pool, and table tennis when not studying. As it turns out, Carol began going home on weekends to be with Osky as much as possible since he was about to enlist in the US armed forces before he got drafted to serve in VietNam. And at Easter they became "secretly" engaged and he went overseas. As the spring semester was about to end, Carol suggested we get together during the summer from time to time to continue our "dating". She said this would help keep the engagement secret from her parents. Until this point I had never done anything other than hold hands with Carol. Our first summer date was a movie, and we went for pizza and cokes after it. She was wearing a tight sweater which showed off her big boobs, and a short skirt which revealed a lot of her perfect legs, and she got many approving looks. She then dropped a bomb on me saying that before Osky shipped out they had gone all the way. I thought it was strange that she told me this until she added, "and I really liked the feel of a cock in my hand and someone else touching me, and I miss it. Osky said that it would be OK to do stuff with you, but that I should not let you do anything but touch me and make me cum." My virgin cock sprang to attention and I thought I'd unload my gun and ammo sack instantly. All I could mutter was, "Wow.. Are you kidding me?" She said, "I know a place near here." I paid the check and we both almost ran for the car - my dad's car, and I wondered if I could hide any evidence of whatever was about the happen next. When we got to the area she had directed me to, I could see several cars parked, no lights on, and a few heads from time to time. An obvious lover's lane. And there were two police cars nearby. She said that she knew the cops were there to make certain nothing got out of hand, but not to harass people. We parked and I said to her, "This is your idea. I don't want to mess it up. So please tell me what you want," We started kissing, our tongues dancing around, and she took my hand and put it on her sweater covered boob and squeezed it. I got the idea, and soon had my hand under her bra and was caressing her nipples. She reached for my zipper and since she could not get my throbbing rod out of my jockeys, she had me lower my pants and shorts. "Oooh, this is nice," she cooed. "And fatter than I expected, but not a long as Osky's. And you are circumcised! My younger brother is circumcised, too, but I only saw it when he was a baby 13 years ago. This is something with a boner. Do you call it a boner or hardon or what?" Carol was obviously into cock worship as she continued her commentary. "How do you like it stroked? Fast? Slow? Just the shaft, or over the head, too? Tell me how to make you cum. And pinch my nipples a little harder. Mmmmm. It's been so long since Osky touched me. Oh, God, I love it." She turned around in her seat a little more toward me and hiked her skirt up more and spread her legs. She stroked my cock with her right hand and put her left between her legs and pulled the crotch of her panties to the side. I was wishing it was daylight so I could see her pussy. But I could smell her passion - and wondered again about my dad's car. "Give me your hand," she demanded, and as I did she led my fingers to her very wet slit. "You know what to do, don't you? I like it slow and I think two fingers is about my limit. At least I can only get two of my own in it." As I did as I was asked I felt my baby batter start to reach the boiling point. "I think I am going to cum very soon." "Wow, you are quick," she said as she removed her hand and reached for her purse. She removed a wad of tissues and placed them on my stomach. "When did you cum last?" she asked.
"Yesterday, but you have me so fired up that I cannot help it." She resumed stroking my cock and my fingers continued sliding in and out of her pussy. "Cum when you want to," she instructed. And I did -- about six shots, and not all landed on the tissues. One damn near hit the roof of the car. I had forgotten about her pussy while I was cumming. And after she cleaned me up, and my cock started it's post-orgasm twitching, she sat back put one leg up on the seat. This opened her up even more, and she said, "Please make me cum and suck and bite my nipples." As I resumed fingering her, she started bucking her hips back and forth and moaning, "Oh God, Oh yessss. Don't stop. Soooo good. I'm cumming. More, more, don't stop." And she grabbed my hand by the wrist and held it tight against her pussy, and shuddered over and over again as her orgasm took control. Her chest was heaving so much her nipple fell out of my mouth. My hand was soaked with her sticky nectar. And I wondered again about the damage to the car. "I can hardly wait until we do this again." That was my thought, but it was her saying it. "I haven't cum like that since Osky left. Was it OK for you? I never got to play with your balls. Next time wear boxers and I'll be able to feel you getting hard before we get here. My folks are going away for the weekend in a couple of weeks. Maybe we can spend the day together, but remember, this is all we can do. But we can do it over and over all day long." And we did. About a year later Carol and Osky got married, and more than 40 years later they are still married. I went to the wedding (stag) because Carol told me that she would have a great blind date lined up for me. It seems she told her cousin who lived many hours away about our arrangement, and Mona said she wanted to meet me. And although Mona was a brunette and had very small tits, the ladies were very similar in their passion. But that is another story.



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