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First Time With My Cousin

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The first time I got to see and touch and wank a real girl's pussy was when my Cousin Andrea stayed over for a few weeks


It all started when I was about 16. My cousin Andrea who is about a year older than me came to stay at my house for a few weeks while her parents travelled overseas. Andrea and I have always gotten on real well so that was okay. At the time she was about 5'2' in tall with long blond hair and sort of grey blue eyes. I hadn't seen much of her for a couple of years because they lived in a different city and the first thing I noticed was before she had always been kind of skinny but now she had developed tits-not big but nice and round-and she now had a nice bum.

This was during the school holidays and my parents both worked so Andrea and I kicked around together except when she was seeing her best friend Bridget. One day it was really wet and stormy and there was nothing to do. Andrea was around as well so I went to find her. She was lying on the living room sofa reading some girls magazine. I tried to take it off her.

Next thing I knew we were wrestling on the sofa. Andrea was giggling a lot and her short skirt kept flipping up so I could see her panties and the outline of her pussy plus her nipples were really showing up through her orange top. Of course I started getting horny and next thing I knew I had an erection. I started getting really embarrassed and tried to get away but Andrea grabbed the top of my pants. My zip broke and suddenly my erect cock was dangling out of my shorts. Because I was horny my big red bulb was showing and there was pre cum oozing out of my slit.

Andrea pulled back and said 'Shit' as I stood up and tried to stuff my cock which is just over six inches long and fairly thick back in my pants. Next thing I knew she started laughing and asked 'Can I touch it, its the first time I've seen a real one.' Before I could say anything she sat up and ran a finger up and down my shaft then she started to touch my bulb which was really sensitive. I jumped and giggled because it felt like little electric shocks going through my body. I felt really weird because I was really liking what was happening but kept asking myself was this for real? Andrea started really feeling around my cock and balls Her face had turned red and she was breathing heavy. Then she asked 'Have you ever seen a real girls pussy?' Just like that. I shook my head. I had seen plenty of porn and all the stuff from sex ed classes but a real pussy? Andrea lifted her skirt. I felt a little light headed as she pushed her hands under her waistband.

Suddenly she stopped and pulled away. 'We shouldn't be doing this here.' I felt really disappointed then she said 'Lets go to my room and we can get naked.' Uhh wow! I followed Andrea to her room. Andrea got me to shut and lock the door then she took off her top. I got really breathless as she undid her bra and let it drop to the floor. I dropped my pants and Andrea giggled at the sight of my cock. She pushed her chest out showing off her stiff pink nipples. Then she said 'You can touch them if you like but be gentle.' I moved in and ran my fingers over her tits then cupped them in my palm. They felt really nice and warm but I was surprised at how squashy they were and I liked the way they bounced. Andrea took my hand and showed me how to run my fingers around her nipples and areola. She gently wrapped her hand around my cock and started wanking me. She was a little clumsy but I liked it. We had our first kiss which was nice then Andrea stood back and undid and dropped her skirt.

If I thought my cock was stiff before it seemed to get really stiff as she lowered her panties to show a small patch of black hair. The sight of bright pink wet and puffy pussy lips parting her bush made my knees wobble. Andrea sat down on the side of her bed and opened her legs wide. 'Okay you can have a good look.' Andrea opened herself wide and showed me everything from her clitoris down to the puffy red area around her pee slit right down to her puckered asshole. She told me as long as I was gentle she'd let me examine her. I still felt slightly like I was in a wet dream as she leaned back on her elbows and I went in and started fingering her beautiful pussy. As I started touching her with my fingertips a clear liquid started oozing out of her. I got some on my fingertip and tasted it, slightly salty but it smelled and tasted okay. Andrea started to sigh as I ran my hands and fingers over and around her pussy like she'd done with my cock. She said 'That feels nice'. Then I got excited and started pushing my fingers into her but Andrea suddenly grabbed my hand and said 'No not like that!' She got me to ease two of my fingers right up inside then gently feel around with my fingertips.

I really liked the feel of her warm wet inner vagina especially because of the way her tight ripply muscles seemed to wrap around my fingers. As I got more confident with my rhythm Andrea encouraged me by saying it felt really good. Then she lay right down and closed her eyes. Her hips started moving up and down in rhythm with my fingers and she started to moan. She opened her legs even wider then ran a fingertip down to her tiny pink clitoris and started teasing it just inches away from my face. I was fucking mesmerized as I kept finger fucking her I couldn't believe the amount of liquid that came out of her and oozed down past her ass and onto the covers. Andrea's hips really started humping my hand as her orgasm began. She gave a final big 'Aaaahhhuhhggg' and lay back breathing heavily. I got up beside her and kissed her on the mouth and asked her if that was good. Oh yeah, she let me know how good that had felt by rolling me over and wanking me to a frantic cum squirting orgasm!

We spent the rest of that day naked and exploring each other. A couple of times I masturbated kneeling on top as she lay down and got to squirt hot cum over her tits and face. In return she masturbated over my face and sprayed her hot girl cum over me, then she let me watch her wide open pussy as she peed into a bowl...I was no longer bored.

Andrea left a couple of weeks later after we'd had more mutual masturbation sessions. Although we were tempted to fuck we decide to hold off and see what would happen in maybe a year? Instead we kept sending each other videos of each other wanking and for my 18th birthday Andrea sent me some really hot ones of her and Bridget making out and wanking in some girl-girl action. Now the three of us are flatting together...



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