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First Time With Another Guy

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I'm 5'11', thin and muscular with a 6 pack. I have a 7 inch dick and I've always been proud of my size, but the only time I ever show it off is in the locker rooms. I've been jacking off since I was 11, and even though I'm straight, and have had lots of girlfriends, this is an experience I'll never forget.

About 6 months ago, at the end of June, I went on a camping trip with one of my best friends, James, and his brother Michael, and we went to my lake in Missouri. James and I had seen each other naked before, in the football locker room showers, so when we got to my lake and had to shower outside, it wasn't a big deal. Although, he has a gorgeous body. I'm not gay, but I've always appreciated a nice bod on a guy. He has a 6 pack like me, and a dick about a half inch longer than mine.

On the first night at my lake, James and I and Michael decided to set up camp about 40 feet from another person's tent, and we put up our tent about 15 feet from the water. When we started to move things from Michael's Jeep into the tent, a few of his skin mags fell out of a duffel and James and I teased him for it.

'What are you planning to do with those?' we taunted.

He just ignored us, and after everything was moved inside, it was almost dark. So, as I talked about earlier, James and I showered while Michael called his girlfriend. But here's where it get's interesting. James and I decided to have some fun and go streaking around the lake. By now it was completely dark, but we thought it'd be fun to walk around nude in the forest and see if anyone saw us. Some light reflected off the lake and into the forest, so it wasn't pitch dark. James and I started toward the lake, but when we got close to our tent, we had a huge shock: we could see the outline of Michael's body lying down on his mattress under the light in the tent, with his hand on his, what, like 8 inch cock, thrusting hard. We could hear him grunting quietly, and he let out a quiet moan as he orgasmed. He lay there for a minute, all they while oblivious to the fact that James and I were watching him.

Being the annoying brother James is, he decided to walk in and make fun of Michael. So, still naked, we walked in and James said,

'Dude, Michael, way to make a mess'-noticing to cum Michael had shot onto the roof.

'Were you guys watching me? GAY!' said Michael.

By that point, he noticed that James and I both had partial boners, and he called us gay again. But then he said something that surprised us: 'Are you guys just gonna stand there naked with boners watching me? Looks like you could maybe use some time in your guys's happy place, too.' Then, he threw James a bottle of KY Gel and said, 'You watched me. Let's see what you got.' and then to me he said, 'you too, I wanna see what my little bro is up against.' 'And it's just us guys here, so have fun.' While Michael pulled his clothes on, James lubed up his now fully erect dick, and then he handed me the lube. I lubed up my dick too, and started stroking. James went over to Michael's air mattress and lay where Michael had orgasmed just moments before. He grabbed the lube and with his left hand, shoved a few fingers up his anus and started thrusting into his right hand with his butt in the air, all while I watched, groaning and slowly stroking my penis. Then, James lay down and asked me to come over. He said he wanted to jack me off. Michael suggested I straddle James facing his cock and jack him off while James reached around me and stroked my penis. So, we did this, and in less than a minute of me rubbing his rock-hard dick and sitting on his 6-pack he shot all over my face. It was so much cum, I couldn't believe it. Then, without thinking, I turned around, lay down on him, and stroked on his chest. In a minute, I cummed on his neck and let out a loud groan.

Afterwards, we cleaned up and Michael said we'd put on a good show. This happened many more nights on this camping trip!



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