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First Time With Adam

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All true and I'm glad I shared the experience with Adam. A lot more happened and when I have the time I'll share more experiences.


My best friend Adam was 14 and I was 13 when this all happened. I had been masturbating for about 6 months which I learned from my friend Abby. Adam was a good looking guy and I had a secret crush on him and I would often masturbate to the thoughts of him naked.

It was the school holidays and my parents had to go to work which left me home alone and bored. I rang a few friends to see if they wanted to come over but they were all busy. So to entertain myself I decided to go masturbate in my room.

I took off all my clothes exposing my budding 32a cup boobs and my little pussy with just the start of blonde pubic hair growing. I lay on my bed closed my eyes and started rubbing my little clit. It was starting to get into it when I heard a knock on the door. I looked out my window and it was Adam and was thinking of pretending not to be home cause I was just so horny now and wanted to work myself up into an amazing orgasm.

It was than I thought this could be the chance I could get to see Adam naked and came up with a plan. I put on my bikini top and bottoms and went and answered the door and when he saw me standing there in my bikini he looked me up and down and gave me a smile and I told him to come in.

I locked the door behind him and we went up to my room and we talked but he couldn't seem to take his eyes of my chest and I asked Adam what he was looking at and he just looked down at the ground and said nothing. I said you were looking at my boobs weren't you and he slightly nodded his head.

I said I'll let you see them if I can see your dick and at first he said no but after a little convincing he agreed so I got up stood in front of him and undid my bikini top and let it fall to the floor and he just looked and stared at them. He mentioned that they look different to the naked girls he had seen on the internet and I said that's because I'm still developing and he was like oh ok.

I told him it was his turn as I sat down on the bed and he got up and stood in front of me. Nervously he slipped his fingers into his waistband of his shorts and in one move they fell to the floor and for the first time I saw my very first hard dick for real and it was hard. I'd say it was around 5 and half inches hard and he had pubic hair growing around the base of it.

I couldn't believe I had a dick in front of me and I asked if it was always like that and he explained it gets soft but it's hard cause I saw your boobs. I asked if I could touch it but he said only if I can touch your boobs and only because I wanted to touch his dick I agreed. His hands reached out and with his fingers he poked my boobs and it hurt so I grabbed both of his hands and cupped them around my budding breasts and lightly made a squeezing action.

After about a couple of minutes I told him that it was enough and as he took his hands away he pinched my nipples causing them to go hard and sending what felt like electric shocks down to my pussy which got me even more wet.

As he stood back up he grabbed my hand and guided it to wrap around his dick. It felt soft but so hard and there was this clear slimy fluid coming out the end of his dick and I asked him what it was and he told me it was pre cum that it made it feel better when he masturbates. Curious I asked him how he masturbates and he put his hand over mind and guided my hand up and down and after 30 seconds he let go.

He seemed to be liking it so I continued to do it but I told him to lay at the end of the bed and I knelt down on the floor in front of him and grabbed his dick and did what he showed me as I put my free hand into my bikini bottoms and didn't realise how wet I was and I secretly fingered myself while I masturbated Adam but it only took him like a minute before I noticed his ball skin got tight and his dick felt really hard and he started shaking when all of a sudden this white looking stuff came shooting out of his dick and not knowing what it was I moved my hand away quickly.

I said what was that and he said it was cum, the same thing that makes a girl pregnant and that really freaked me out and he laughed and said not to worry that will only happen if we had sex. He asked me to go and get something to clean him up so I got a wet face washer and cleaned all of his sperm off him and he got dressed and I got out on my bikini top.

We sat and talked some more and he asked if he could see my pussy and I said no you got to feel my boobs and I masturbated you, I think we are even. He was disappointed but being the good friend he was he stopped asking. It was lucky then that his mum called and told him to come home and thankfully she did want him home cause I was so wet and horny I needed to badly masturbate.

As he left I ran back to my room stripped naked opened my legs and rubbed my clit and fingered myself for about a minute before I exploded into the best orgasm I have had at that time. I just lay there feeling all weak and worn out and thinking about how good my day was and couldn't wait to do it again.

It was only a couple days later I got to be home alone again so I invited Adam to come over. He said he would be about an hour so I went for a shower and rubbed my clit before having an orgasm. I got out and dried myself off when I heard a knock at the door. I wrapped the towel around me and went and answered it and it was Adam.

I let him in locked the door and went to my room and he sat on my bed and I dropped my towel for him to see me completely naked and lay on my bed. I grabbed his finger and placed it between my legs and on my clit and told him to rub me there and it wasn't long till I had my very first orgasm from a boy. It was just the best feeling and in return I pulled his pants down and masturbated him into another orgasm and he shot out a lot more than he did the first time and we just lay on my bed and held each other and shared our first kiss and became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Sorry if it's a bit long and all over the place but I'm not good at writing stuff like this and its my first time doing it.



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