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First Time With a Man-national Park Fun

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The story is kinda long, but I wanted to set the stage on how this all developed.


This happened a few months ago. I am a recently divorced, straight male, in my 40's, two kids. My break-up was very painful and it has taken a toll on my life. I needed a break to get away from my stressed out world so I decided to go camping. I have always wanted to visit the great National Parks out west, so this is where I decided to go on vacation. Except for overnight trips for work, I hadn't taken a vacation by myself since I was in my 20's, so this was both exciting and liberating for me.

I explored, hiked, and basically forgot about the rest of the world for a while, but one encounter made the journey one I will never forget. I have always considered myself straight, that is why what happened still has me shaking my head in confusion and amazement.

The camp-ground I was staying at had a communal bathhouse for everyone to use. Well, this weekend was especially crowded and I decided to wait until late in the evening to take my shower. When I got there, there were still a few guys taking care of business, showering, shaving, brushing their teeth, etc.

There were four shower stalls in the bath house and each stall was filled. I stood for a few moments when an attractive looking guy around my age came in. We started to chat, he told me he had been back-country hiking and was staying a few extra nights in the park before heading back home. He was married with kids also, but was alone on this trip.

Well, the other men eventually left the bath house so he and I went to shower, he undressed first, I couldn't help but notice his athletic and fit body, I try to keep fit myself by going to the local gym, I have to admit it gets harder each year so that made me appreciate his body even more, even though he was in his 40's he put many guys in their 30's and 20's to shame.

His briefs were tightie whities and the outline of his cock was pronounced. Now as I said, I am not gay, but just like all straight men, I will glance at other nude men in the showers at the gym just to compare, nothing sexual.

When he pulled his underwear down he exposed and very long and thick cock, not only did he have a nice body, but a great piece of meat too. I was jealous. To my surprise he continued to talk to me and did not bother to close the curtain, fine with me, it didn't bother me, as I said I was used to showering with other guys. I got undressed and started my shower; we continued to talk, nothing special, just what we had been doing, etc.

He was a genuinely nice guy and I liked talking to him, especially since I had been travelling all alone for the past three days. As we continued to shower I noticed that he was getting a little hard, nothing out of the ordinary considering the warm water and soaping up his cock and balls. I did catch him glance at my cock a few times, but didn't think anything of it, I did the same to him, so no big deal. He eventually left and went to the sinks, I finished and followed, we both had towels wrapped around us now.

We continued to talk, he finished shaving and when finished removed his towel exposing a stiffening cock, it wasn't sticking straight up, but out, and it was impressive too, seven inches maybe, and thick. I couldn't help but stare as I looked into the mirror. He knew I was looking and I think he enjoyed showing it off.

Well, I was getting both nervous, and excited, it was a combination sensation I hadn't felt since I was a teenager on a first date. He stood there naked, wiped his face again and threw the towel over his shoulder making no attempt to cover up his hardening prick.

I too started to get aroused, and not sure what was happening, or where this would lead, I wasn't sure what to do. At this point we both stopped talking, both nervous about the situation. Looking back, I am still not sure what made me do it, but I opened my towel to wipe my face. I saw him stare and I got even more nervous, what the hell was I doing, and what would happen if someone walked in, even at this late hour, two naked men with semi hard cocks, God knows what they would think.

As he leaned forward to brush his teeth, his cock actually came to rest on the sink counter. I watched intently into the mirror, it was just lying there, exposed, as he moved, it moved, and started to grow even more, eventually pre-cum emerged from the head and started to drip down onto the counter, when he pulled back, it left a slick trail across the top. Holy shit I thought, this was turning me on like nothing else, I tried in vain not to succumb to the temptation, this was a guy for Christ sake, what the hell was I thinking. He continued to stare at my cock in the mirror, and me at his, not sure what to do, neither of us said anything.

It was then the unthinkable occurred, he turned, looked at the frosted window behind us and said, I guess everyone is heading to bed, when he did this, he turned his body in such as way that his cock rubbed against my thigh, he must have been dripping precum because it left a snail like streak across my leg.

Holy shit, I was shocked to say the least.

Sorry buddy, he said, I replied, No problem.

It might sound silly, but I actually started shaking a little, I wasn't scared, but the sexual tension between us was nothing I had ever experienced before and it was filling me with adrenaline and desire I never thought I had, especially toward another man.

We continued to stare into the mirror at each other, now our cocks were both hard as rocks, and both dripping precum like crazy. He didn't say anything more, so I figured it would be up to me to make the next move.

I summoned up all my courage and called his bluff, I said, Nice cock man. I waited, scared to death what his response would be.

Yeah, it is nice, isn't it? It made two jerks into the air, the second, releasing a few drops of precum. It was even bigger now, eight inches maybe. All I could do was stare.

At this point there was no restraining my prick, I purposely make it jump, all 6 1/2 inches, he grinned and said, Yours is nice too!

He then reached over and grabbed it, his big hand around my cock felt awesome, he slowly pumped it and I was in heaven, I looked down and watched as he stroked, I was in a trance and totally amazed by what was happening. He took his thumb and rubbed my precum over my head, I thought I was going to pass out, it was that great.

I then reached over and grabbed his, it was amazing, thick, hard and warm, my God this was awesome. I was scared to death, but I couldn't stop, he pulled me toward him using my cock as his leverage, he put both of them together and started to pump, that was all it took, I exploded the biggest load since I was a teenager all over him, me, our stomachs, cocks, it was unbelievable, within seconds he did the same, with possibly even more intensity than mine. We stood there spent, then he let go of our cocks and started grinding our bodies together, mixing our cum even more.

Feeling his hairy chest next to mine, our cocks and nuts touching, it felt electric. I swear he was about to kiss me when we heard a noise outside, we separated and moved quickly into the showers. Another guy came in and showered, we did the same, and then said goodbye.

I jerked off again thinking of what we had done alone back in my tent. It was hard to sleep, I felt bad, confused, ashamed, but also thrilled, this was all so new, so taboo.

The next day I ran into him at breakfast, he invited me to join him. For the next two days we were inseparable, hiking, exploring, eating, and more fun adventures, both in the woods, and in our tents. We jerked off every chance we got, and always while playing with the other, it was like a new play toy for each of us. We eventually moved onto other things which I never thought I would ever do. Most of it however was just mutual jacking and exploration of each others manly bodies.

Long story short, sadly, the trip eventually came to an end. At this point we had talked about the most personal of things, our lives, insecurities, joys, everything, it was like we were best friends forever, we actually had an emotional attraction if I dare to admit. We talked about stuff we never would have discussed with our wives. I never in a million years thought anything like this would happen to me, Mr. Womaniser when young, faithful husband for decades, now this. Damn, life is funny sometimes.

We exchanged emails and phone numbers and have been communicating ever since. He is planning on coming to my home town in a few months for work, we intend to pick up where we left off. I am still uncertain of all of this, but to be honest, my stress has decreased, and I have something new and exciting to look forward to, so that is all good. I am still not dating, I need more time to get over my wife, I still love her so much, but I know she is never coming back, and that breaks my heart.

Maybe because of my breakup I can't see myself with other women, at least for now. I now check out the guys in the showers at the gym, wondering if any of them have ever done anything remotely close to what I have done and wonder if they would like to experiment. I have no idea where this might lead, but for now, its been a new and exciting fun adventure.



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