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First Time With A Guy

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First time with my best friend.
It started when my best friend, Joe (not real name for obvious reasons), asked me to sleep over at his house one night. We did the usual, watched movies, played on his Playstation, talked about girls and stuff. The thing is, I've always been attracted to Joe and I've even thought about him many times while I masturbated alone. What I didn't know, was that this night would be the night where my dream came true. We had just turned off the TV and gotten into his double bed. I slept at the bottom end and he slept at the top of the bed. We talked about the usual things before we went to sleep but out of no-where, he randomly came out with 'I need a wank!' I said, 'Well, have one if you want one.' He said, 'No, I will save it for tomorrow; I don't think you would like to be covered in my juices.' and we both laughed. We started talking more, and then he said, 'Come up to this end so we can talk better.' So, I went under the blanket and came up to his side of the bed and we lay next to each other. I stared into his gorgeous face as he talked. I was thinking to myself that I should do something. I must have been mad to do it but when he stopped talking I leaned forward and pressed my lips against his. He was obviously shocked, but he didn't pull back. He started to open his mouth and I copied. Pretty soon, we were indulged in some rather deep kissing. As we kissed, I felt his hand run down my chest and to my boxers. He, then, slid his hand down them and took my dick full in his hand and he started to masturbate me. I did the same. His dick was hot and throbbing in my hand. It was slightly wet from what must have been pre-cum. While we kissed and we masturbated each other, I felt his other hand go between my legs and he slowly started to push two fingers into my ass. I have never had an orgasm like that before. My boxers filled with cum, and quite a lot went up my chest. I moaned his name into his mouth as he came all over my hand and all over the bed. The next morning, we repeated the whole thing again, and we agreed to carry on with the sleep-overs as long as we didn't tell anyone.



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