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First Time With a Couple

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Throughout my grad school career I worked a wide variety of odd jobs on campus. One year I worked in one of the campus kitchens storing the incoming food every morning. It was a dull job, up at 5, work 6 to 9, rush off to the library--but I got free meals and was paid three hours' worth of pay to work one hour. I usually spent the extra time chatting with one of the kitchen ladies. Rita was a short blonde firecracker with green eyes and long hair, about 35 and 5'2". She was the woman who usually ran the dishwashing machine for the breakfast crowd; the machine was in a small room and since it needed only one operator, she was usually secluded. Naturally, we occasionally talked about sex. She was married but didn't get much any more, while I was having the occasional night's pleasure with some of the grad student women of my acquaintance, but nothing serious. One morning around March we were chatting, and she asked about my weekend. I said I'd spent Saturday night with one woman and Sunday with another, and she asked for the details. I said sure, so long as she told me about her latest times. She agreed, so I told her all she wanted to hear. She asked, "You like eating pussy?" I said, "Oh yes, definitely." She looked envious, so I asked, "Doesn't your husband?" "No, he never did." Then it was my turn, so I asked her about her last time. She said, "It was over a month ago. Jack fucked me good and hard and made me cum once before he came. I was still turned on so I had to rub myself. He was hard again, so I gave him a blowjob." I asked, "Do you like sucking cock then?" and she nodded and smiled widely, "And I'm good at it too." I then asked her what her last really good time was like, and she said it had been a couple of years before. She had had a threesome with Jack and a friend of his, during which she had been thoroughly serviced by both of them. By this time we were both hot and bothered and looking at each other without any doubt what the other was thinking. She then asked, "Have you ever had a threesome?" I said no, and she asked, "Have you ever been with a man?" I told her yes, and she asked for the details. By the time I finished she was standing against the edge of the rollers at the entrance to the dishwashing machine with her crotch pressed into it and had a tight look on her face. She said, "I want to have sex with you, but you can only fuck me if my husband's with us. Will you do that?" I said, "Of course." She said, "He is curious about sex with another man. He didn't touch his friend when we were together, but he said afterwards he wished he had. He said afterwards that I can pick someone, someone who doesn't know him, so he can experiment. Will you do that?" I said yes, and she said, "And of course you can't tell anyone." I nodded. "But if it works out, we'll want you regularly. I'll want you regularly." I said, "God yes, it sounds like a dream." She nodded and said, "Just a minute." She walked to the door and looked around. "No one's here," she said and came over around behind the dishwashing machine, standing where she could see out the door. "We have to be quick. And quiet. And careful." She kissed me and said, "No fucking, sorry. I'll jerk you off. We'll have lots of fun later, but I just need to get off right now." I opened my zipper and she pulled my hard cock out, and I reached down her pants and rubbed her drenched pussy. "Yes, baby," she said and thrust her hips while stroking me hard. Within a minute she came hard against my fingers deep inside her and then looked down to see me shoot off all over the floor. "Okay, I can make it through the rest of the day without going crazy," she said. "That's your first taste. You'll get a lot more later. I'll call you tonight." We then zipped up and talked about our sex lives in the past, and what we expected from the arrangement. "I want you to show Jack a good time." "A gay old time"" I asked. She laughed, "Yes, a gay old time. I want to see him having gay sex. I love gay porn, I rub off to it all the time. But don't leave me out. If it works out, you'll get to spend time with each of us separately some times. Would you like that?" I said yes, and she said, "I would too. Jack and I both need someone new. But we're a package deal, got it?" I nodded. And she did call that night. Jack had jumped at the chance and had fucked her twice already before he gave her a chance to call. She arranged for us to meet at a bar two nights later (Saturday), and Jack agreed soon enough to a threesome after we chatted for an hour. They drove me to their house and we sat on the couch, Rita in the middle. She finished her scotch and said, "I'm ready to start. I want to watch you two get it on. Cum for Rita, boys." I nodded and smiled, and Jack said, "I've been looking forward to this for a long time." I said I had too, and we stood up. Rita reached up and caressed our crotches at the same time, then I reached over and joined her in rubbing Jack's rock-hard cock. She unzipped me as I unzipped him, and we took a minute to undress. As we faced each other naked, Rita sat on the edge of the couch with her legs spread wide, running her finger through her thick brown bush. I watched her and she said, "Hey, don't mind me. I'm here to watch. You know what to do." I laughed and caressed Jack's cock, which was about 7 inches long and a bit thicker than mine. I asked him, "So you like cocks? You want to play with mine?" He nodded and I moved closer: "You've got a magnificent cock. I want to watch it explode cum everywhere. Then I'm going to suck it hard again and suck you off while I fuck your wife. You'll cum in my mouth at the exact same time I cum in your wife's cunt. Your cum will replace mine, then Rita will suck it out of me while we 69, and you'll fuck whoever you want to up the ass. Maybe both of us. You'd like that, wouldn't you?" He moaned and I stopped running my fingers over his head so's to stroke his shaft. "I got a cock for you right here, Jack," I said, and he reached down. "That's right, Jack, rub it like it's yours. You jerk off all the time while you dream about sucking a cock like this, don't you?" He nodded and jerked my cock hard. I grabbed his cock firmly and stroked in unison with him and said, "It's your night, Jack. This cock's all yours. Any time you want it, any way you want it, inside you, inside Rita, just give me your cum." He started fucking my fist, and I said, "Fuck that fist, Jack. You can fuck my mouth later, or my ass, or both, but I want to see you cum just for me, Jack." He tensed up and screamed, "Oh God, I'm cumming!" As he came in my relentlessly pumping fist, I felt Rita's mouth on my cock and I came immediately, filling her mouth with my sperm, then moaning at the exquisite feel of the back of her throat swallowing around my sensitive spasming cock head. I looked down to see her greedy green eyes staring at me as Jack's cum shot all over her hair and my chest out of his thick shaft, and then her own orgasm hit her as her fingers pistoned inside her cunt. After she finished, I said, "Okay, Jack, it's your turn. No interruptions this time, Rita. Jerk me off, Jack. I have blue balls and need it bad." As he stared at my cum-covered chest, he started hardening again. I laughed and said, "Okay, Jack, I see we've got a real party going." I lay back on the couch and held up my hard cock. "You know your name." He laughed and knelt in front of me, and as he stroked me he stared at my cock. "You want to suck it, don't you, Jack? Well, not now. It's still Rita's show. She wants you to jerk me off, don't you, Rita?" She nodded, and I said, "Well, come over here and watch." She knelt on the edge of the couch and I reached up to insert two fingers inside her. "Oh, God, yes," she moaned as Jack jerked me faster. I reached up with the other hand and played with her tits, which were large and soft, and as she and I got close I moaned encouragement to Jack. Rita leaned down until her face was six inches from my cock, and she fucked back against my fingers like a cock was taking her from behind. As she stared, my cock hardened and swelled up even more, and I moaned, "I'm cumming, Rita, just for you. Watch Jack's fist as he fucks my cock. You want that cock inside your cunt, don't you?" Soon I was shooting my second load all over my belly and Rita's chest, and as I sat back on the couch Jack pulled Rita down to suck him off, which she did with great lust and talent. Although I was too exhausted to move much, I reached down to fingerfuck Rita, and she came as Jack's load shot off in her mouth. That was the beginning of a long night and a long three years in which the three of us took each other in any way we pleased.



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