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First Time Was With a White Boy

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My first experience happened when I was 15 and it was with a white boy (also 15). First, a little background: I grew up in the deep south in the late 60's and early 70's. Racial tensions were high and white and black teens did not date nor associate with each other. The only place this seemed to not be true was on the athletic field and in the school band. The second thing you need to know is about my best friend Vanessa. Vanessa and I had been best friends since we met in first grade.

As Vanessa and I entered the teen years, we developed quite differently. Vanessa became what we now call a 'bbw'. She was big and beautiful and had very black skin. At 15, she already had huge breasts that were 40DDD. I, on the other hand, was exactly the opposite. I was skinny (very), had brown skin, and small breasts - what are now called 'puffies'. They were mostly nipples with very little actual breasts.

Vanessa and I were always together and it seemed like we were always talking about boys. Both our moms had given us 'the talk' and we knew about penises, testicles, erections, sperm, semen, and ejaculation. We had just never SEEN it and were both dying to.

One day Vanessa told me she had seen her brother ejaculate and I begged her to tell me all about it. She said she had just started a bath when her mother came in and said that Johnny (her brother - 14 at the time) needed to use the bathroom. Both our families lived in small tenement housing with only one bathroom. It was not unusual in both our houses for one family member to use the bathroom while another was in the bath. We just simply pulled the shower curtain and didn't think much of it. Vanessa said she just continued on with her bath while Johnny came in. She said Johnny seemed to be taking a long time and she wondered if he had left without flushing the toilet. She decided to peek and just barely pulled the shower curtain aside. Johnny was standing at a slight angle towards the toilet with his back turned slightly towards the tub. In other words, he couldn't see Vanessa watching. She said his penis was pointing straight up and he was slowly moving the skin back and forth. Vanessa had seen Johnny naked before but his penis had always been soft with lots of foreskin covering the head.

Vanessa said that each time Johnny pulled the skin down the dark head of his penis would pop out. When his hand went up, the head would be completely covered. She said his balls were hanging low and swinging in the rhythm of his slow pumping. I must confess I was completely wet hearing all this. I could feel my clitoris start to engorge.

Vanessa continued the story and told me that after a while the head of Johnny's penis became very wet. I asked her if he had ejaculated. She said, 'No, not yet, just wait'. She went on to tell me that Johnny's balls had tightened up real close to the bottom of his penis and that they looked like they had swollen up. She said that Johnny's strokes had gotten faster and faster and then suddenly he pulled his skin all the way back, stopped stroking and just held it. Vanessa said she thought he was done when suddenly his penis gave a huge twitch and a white glob of semen spurted out about 4 inches and fell into the toilet. She said Johnny just stood there staring at his penis as it would twitch and squirt. After four more spurts, it just oozed semen out of the tip which ran down his penis onto his balls. Vanessa said even though she knew it was her brother, she was incredibly turned on by the sight and immediately rubbed herself to an orgasm in the tub. I have to admit I almost came just listening to her describe it.

Years later, Vanessa and I found out that her mother had made Johnny go into the bathroom to jerk off, not so that Vanessa could watch, but because she was tired of having to wash Johnny's cum soaked underwear. Apparently, at 14, Johnny was rubbing himself through his pants all the time and ejaculating in his underwear. Vanessa's mom started watching for signs of Johnny's erections and would send him into the bathroom before he came in his pants.

Vanessa and I were in the high school band. The band would always go with the football team on away games and sometimes this meant late night returns on the school bus. After one such late away game, Vanessa told me that Daniel (also 15), a white boy who played the trumpet, had been rubbing her breasts in the dark on the bus. She said he just rubbed them on the outside of her shirt and did not try to go under her shirt. I asked her if she liked it and she said she liked it a lot. It was made all the more exciting because Daniel was white and this was definitely 'forbidden territory' in those days. Vanessa said that Daniel told her to call him some time and that he would meet her at the recreation center his dad ran on a Sunday afternoon when it was closed.

Vanessa said she wanted to meet Daniel and have him rub her breasts again but was afraid to walk by herself to the rec center because it was located in a part of the town where 15 year old black girls just simply did not go (none of us had drivers licenses at the time). I asked Vanessa if she wanted me to go with her and could I watch. She said yes and that's when a plan started formulating in my head.

The next day, at band practice, Vanessa whispered to Daniel that she would meet him at the rec center the next Sunday afternoon and that I would be coming along. Daniel said he didn't care if I came along as long as he got to rub her breasts (he called them 'boobs'). When Sunday afternoon came, Vanessa and I told our moms we were going to a local playground and took off walking across town.

Daniel was waiting for us outside the rec center. He had gotten the key from his dad and had told him he was going to play some pool. He let us in quickly (didn't want to be seen going in the rec center with two 15 year old black girls) and we went into a small kitchen area.

All three of us were quite nervous and finally Daniel said, 'Well, we know what we are here for. Vanessa can I rub your boobs?' At that point I took over and announced to Vanessa and Daniel what I had been planning all along, 'Daniel, you can rub Vanessa's boobs, if you show us your penis.' Both Vanessa and Daniel stared at me in shock. Then Daniel said, 'Ok, but I get to rub them without her shirt on.' I looked at Vanessa who was nodding her head up and down in agreement. Vanessa took her shirt off and was standing there in her bra. The contrast between her white bra and her very black skin was really nice to see. Daniel said, 'Take the bra off too'. I said to Daniel, 'Not until you take your penis out'. Daniel said, 'Ok, but it is really stiff'. He didn't know it but that was EXACTLY what I was hoping for.

Slowly Daniel unzipped his pants and fished around for his penis. When he slowly brought it out, it really was stiff. It stood straight up and was pointing at the ceiling. It had to be about 7 inches long and had a huge mushroom shaped head on it. His penis was pink and the head actually looked purple. Vanessa gave a little squeal and said, 'Oh, you've got a fat one!' I took her word for it. It was the first erect penis I had seen and didn't have Vanessa experience seeing Johnny's.

Vanessa took her bra off and we all stared at her beautiful dark breasts with even darker areolas. Her nipples were not hard so her breasts appeared very round. I saw Daniel's penis give a slight jump when he looked at Vanessa's breasts. Then I said, 'I want to see your balls too'. Daniel fished around in his pants and managed to bring his balls out through the zipper along with his penis. As swollen as everything was, it looked really uncomfortable. I told Daniel so and said, 'Why don't you just take your pants off?' Daniel agreed and pulled down his pants and underwear. I really enjoyed seeing his smooth white butt and the contrast with his tan lines from wearing a swimming suit.

I told Daniel he could rub Vanessa's breasts now and he slowly started to cup them in his hands. The color contrast between Daniel's tan hands and Vanessa very black breasts was wonderful to see. I looked at Vanessa's face and could tell she was enjoying it. I looked back at Daniel's penis and balls. I was absolutely fascinated by the way it would occasionally twitch as he continued to rub Vanessa's breasts. I could feel the wetness starting between my legs but wasn't brave enough to reach down and rub myself.

After a while Vanessa' nipples started getting really hard. They were sticking up like dark little erasers and Vanessa's breathing was getting faster and deeper. I knew she was enjoying this and was also enjoying seeing Daniel's penis. Suddenly, she said, 'Daniel turn to the side, I don't want your semen squirting on me.' I wondered how Vanessa knew that Daniel was about to ejaculate. When I looked down at Daniel's penis I noticed that the there was a small drop of clear liquid on his pee hole and that his balls had drawn up tight in his sac. I remembered from Vanessa's earlier description that this was what happened to Johnny right before he ejaculated. I couldn't wait to see it.

I asked Daniel, 'Is your sperm gonna come out?' Daniel said, 'Almost'. I asked, 'Can I touch your penis before it does?' He said, 'Yeah, but hurry up.' He was on the verge of cumming just from rubbing Vanessa's breasts. Vanessa and I watched as I slowly wrapped my hand around the base of Daniel's penis. Again I just loved the contrast of color - my brown hand and his pink penis. I just held my hand around the base of his penis without moving it. About 5 seconds later, Daniel said, 'Oh! Here it goes!' I felt his penis twitch very hard. It twitched in rapid succession 3 times then a long string of semen flew out of the end of his penis. It went about 3 feet and hit the kitchen floor with an interesting plop sound. Four more spurts followed. With each one, I could feel his penis twitch in my hand. I could tell the twitches were involuntary, kind of like a muscle twitch, and very similar to the kinds of contractions I would have in my vagina when I orgasmed. I was fascinated by it.

Daniel's spurts stopped but his penis kept twitching. Very little semen was coming out and it was kind of rolling out and down his penis onto my hand. I looked at Vanessa and she kind of shuddered all over. I asked her later if she had cum and she said that she had had a little one. Vanessa started putting her bra and shirt back on while Daniel and I got paper towels to clean up my hand, his penis, and the kitchen floor.

That night, after I got home, I rubbed myself to the quickest and most intense orgasm I had ever had in my life. I did it again later but much slower, all the time remembering the sight of Daniel's penis ejaculating onto the kitchen floor while he was rubbing Vanessa's breasts.

Later on in the summer, Vanessa and I took her brother Johnny with us to meet with Daniel, but that's another story.




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