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First Time Someone Else Made Me Cum

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This story is the first time someone else made me cum. It happened when I was much younger with my first proper girlfriend. Growing up in the country with no one around led to much fun outdoors as we had the privacy with no neighbours for miles.

This happened when I was much younger. My then girlfriend and I were out walking through the fields as I grew up in the countryside in early summer. We had already fooled around a little but never got past heavy kissing and fondling through our clothes.


We went into one field with a river running through the bottom of it. We liked this particular field as the river had shallow banks and we could walk into and wade the shallower parts. Sitting down behind the hedge we relaxed a little and cuddled in for a bit. As it was early summer I asked her if she wanted to go and paddle in the water for a bit before we walked back. 



Taking our socks and shoes off and rolling up our trousers we paddled in a little. She then asked me if I wanted to go a little deeper as the water was nice and cool, we can take our trousers off and just wear our underwear. We quickly stripped down to our underwear and went back in again, going deeper this time and splashing around. She had what I now know is a sports bra and knickers on, not that she was that well developed and I had a pair of boxers on. They clung to us as we had fun.



After a while we got out and lay on the grass behind the hedge whilst we dried off in the sun. We cuddled into each other and started kissing. Seeing her in her underwear for maybe the third time, but the first time wet and clinging to her I quickly became hard, tenting my boxers. She noticed this as we were making out and her hand reached down to feel it through my boxers, smiling she stopped kissing me and removed her bra and worked out of her wet knickers.



Following suit without breaking eye contact with her I worked my way out my boxers with my cock springing free and standing to attention. We started kissing and exploring each others' bodies. After kissing her perfect little breasts I slowly put a hand between her leg and started to play with her following her direction. It was amazing and all these years later I still remember that feeling.



She reached down and gripped me in her small hand, gently squeezed me. I told her to slowly stroke me which she did and we started kissing once more whilst playing with each other. I soon started to feel that feeling and told her. She pushed me back down and sat on my legs stroking me whilst looking at me. It was all too much for me looking at a beautiful naked person who was stroking my cock and I came, it went all over us. A good 3 or 4 strong spurts over my chest, her body and hand before it slowed down and a couple more dribbles before I was spent. I was in heaven.



Tentatively she licked some of the cum off her hand, tasting it for the first time, I can’t remember if she liked the taste or not. I just remember the smile on her face. After that we went back into the water to wash off before drying in the sun both still naked for a while and heading back home.




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