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First Time Getting Off

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I experience my first orgasms when home alone on a hot summer day.

I still vividly remember the first orgasms I ever had, and it remains an experience that still has the power to turn me on as I think about it years later. I was in my early teens; it was summertime and both my parents were at work, so I was home alone. I was lying on the couch, stomach-down, and out of nowhere, I felt that my cock was becoming very, very hard. I'd had erections a few times before this, but I had never managed to bring myself to do anything with them. This time, though, I noticed that when I put a lot of pressure on it by thrusting down into the couch, it felt good. REALLY good. I was a bit confused and flustered by this; my heart was pounding, and it was almost like my body knew what was coming and was trying to tell me that it was going to be awesome. In any case, I got up and went outside the house to try to "walk it off,"? to see if the feeling would go away. So, outside I went. I went to the side of our garage, which is separate from the house, and which would put me out of sight of the road. The garage is built into the side of a hill (well, a small incline, actually), and on this side of the garage was a section where this hill was pretty much exposed earth. It had rained hard the night before, and the ground and dirt was still pretty damp (just short of being muddy). I paced around for a minute, but my cock was still hard (rock hard, actually, to the point that it was aching... but it was a good kind of ache). My heart continued to pound in my chest. I was really turned on, but I couldn't exactly process why I was feeling that way. To this day, I still can't explain why I decided to do what I did next: I got it into my head - completely out of nowhere - that I needed to be naked. Immediately. Our neighborhood at the time was pretty sparsely-populated, with acres of forest between homes, so there was no danger of being seen by anybody, and the garage shielded me from the road. Comfortable that nobody would be able to see what I was about to do, I started to take my clothes off. All of them. I stepped out of my shoes, then pulled my socks off. The damp earth and grass felt incredible on my bare soles, and I hurriedly took off my shirt, then my pants, and then my underwear. I was finally naked! Now operating on pure carnal instinct, I dropped to the ground and straddled - as best I could - the exposed earth on the hill's incline. I pushed my cock against the ground, as I had done on the couch, and then pulled back. Then I thrust forward. Then back again. The pleasure began to build, and soon I was fully grinding against wet earth in a rhythm, my tempo increasing as the wonderful pressure inside my cock continued to rise. I still remember the feeling of my toes digging into the wet grass as I used my feet for leverage to keep humping the ground. Finally, the pressure erupted and a series of incredible pulsating contractions flowed through my cock. I was cumming for the first time! It was a dry orgasm, but it was incredibly intense, so much so that I was panting and shivering (on a very hot, humid summer day) in no time. It seemed to last forever, until the feeling finally fizzled out. I fully collapsed on the ground, shaking and sweating, and amazed by the fantastic pleasure I had just experienced. I felt a huge grin spread across my face. "That felt awesome,"? I remember thinking to myself! I slowly picked myself up, and within seconds, it struck me that I was still really horny, and that my cock was still hard. I cleaned myself off with cool water from a nearby hose, but that did nothing to suppress the desire that was again building within me. I picked up my clothes and - still naked - returned to the house. Inside, I toweled off the moisture from my body, then went straight for the couch where this whole thing had began. Following my own lead from outside, I got onto the couch and began to hump the cushions, one foot straight out on the couch behind me, and one foot on the floor for support. The fabric was a nicely rough contrast to the soggy earth from outside. I wasted no time with slowly building up my pace; I fucked the couch as fast as I could, the same pressure rising in my cock before exploding into my second-ever orgasm. Although I slowed my thrusts, I was still horny, so I kept going, this time slowly increasing my speed. I was sweating profusely now (we didn't have air conditioning, so it was warm in the house), with beads sliding down my arms and my legs. Faster and faster I went, my body demanding that I cum again. And cum I did, with a monster orgasm that actually made me let out a groan of satisfaction. My muscles contracted and released, and I vaguely recall my bare feet scrunching up so tight that I got a cramp in one of them. To this day, that remains the one of the strongest, most intense orgasms I've ever had. Needless to say, as I started to come down from that incredible high (giggling quietly to myself as I did), my cock finally started to go down. I was spent for the day. That's the only time in my life I've been able to cum multiple times in a row (albeit without any ejaculation at that time), and I soon learned about taking a "hands-on"? approach to masturbation, which brought with it semen. But still, I've never had a jack-off session that left me feeling as wonderfully worn-out and sated as those first three orgasms left me.



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