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First Time as an Adult - Jacking with Someone Else

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I was working as a second job and ended up sharing a hand job with a guy.

This is a story of my first time ever masturbating with another guy as an adult. I was 26 at the time and was working a second job as a security guard at housing complex being built in my home town. They had had some vandalism and security guards just stayed in the area from 5 pm to 10 pm to discourage teens from breaking windows. I had been doing this for a couple of months and had found a place where I could park away from the homes but see if anyone came in either of the two entrances. Just another boring evening sitting there, when a pickup truck drives in and pulls up next to me. There is a older guy in the truck and he asks me if he can look around at the homes for a little bit. I told him it was fine. He headed off and after about 10 minutes he drove back over and parked next to me but slightly ahead of me. He asked me a few questions about myself and about my job there. Then slowly he turned the topic to sex. He started it by telling me about a lady he worked with that he walked in on while she was having sex with someone at work. That worked into sex in general questions and answers. We eventually started sharing masturbation stories and things just got hotter and hotter as we talked. It was summer time and very warm so I had undone my shirt before he had driven up. With all the sex talk I had undone my pants and slipped them down to my knees. Since I was not wearing any underwear I was virtually nude in my car while this guy talked with me. He was still sitting in his truck and I knew he couldn't see my naked lower section. As we chatted further I noticed that he was slowly moving his right arm slowly up and down. He was jacking while we talked too. He got out of his truck and started walking towards my car. He had his hand down the front of his pants and was really pulling on his cock inside his pants. He wasn't trying to hide anything. I asked him why not just pull it out and let me see it while he jacked. He just said, no. I said why not, I am right now! He walked up to my window and saw my basically nude from chest to knees. I was young, thin, light haired and holding my 7 inches in my hand. He actually moaned and said, oh and you have a big one too! He offered me a blow job which I was not interested in and said no. Finally he opened his fly and pulled out his rather short cock and stroked it about five times and shot a little load on the ground outside my car window. I opened my door then and leaned out sideways and shot my load right next to his. It was the hottest thing that had ever happened to me since my younger exploring days.



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