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First Time

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This story is about the first discovery of self love 


I was 13 yo when I discovered the joys of masturbation.  I was somewhat of an early bloomer.  I had started going through puberty a few years prior.  I had no leg or armpit hair, but a had quite a bit of pubic hair for my age.  I had also had 2 or 3 wet dreams.  Anyways my friends at school one day began talking about “choking the chicken”. Once of my friends mimicked the Motion off jerking off in the air.  I had no idea what they were talking about.  One night, though I was lying in bed with a massive erection.  Usually when this happened I’d hump one of my old stuffed animals until I began to leak precum, then I’d stop.  However I remembered what my friends were talking about.  I pulled out my stiff penis out through the hole in my boxers, gripped my circumcised penis tight and began pumping up and down.  I immediately felt a tickling and throbbing in my penis. My penis head seemed to swell to twice it’s size. Squirming with unexpected pleasure, I then pulled my shirt off and pulled my boxers down to my ankles and kept pumping.  My penis began to leak precum, which I was used to, but this time I was leaking so much it was making a squelching noise as I pumped.  After a few minutes it began to hit me.  All of a sudden my penis began to throb hard, I felt like something was working it’s way up the shaft of my penis.  My toes curled up tight.  Unbearable pressure built up in my penis.  The head of my penis felt hot and cold at the same time.  My face screwed up.  I looked down at my swollen penis in shock at the pleasure I’d never felt before. My back and butt lifted off the bed.  Finally, 5-6 ropes of semen blasted out of my young penis and landed on my nipple, stomach and in my pubes, with me grunting on each shot.  My parents room was across the hall from mine, so I had to strain to keep from being louder.  After I relaxed I inspected my semen.  I remember the bleach smell.  I also didn’t expect semen to be so thick.  I got up and found some old polka dot boxers to wipe myself off.  Then I fell fast asleep.  When I woke up I discovered I had done a good job cleaning as there was dried semen remaining in my belly button and pubes.  I was hooked after my first time.  I began masturbating morning and night, and in the bathroom when I got home from school. I began humping plastic bags filled with lotion.  Then around 15 I discovered porn.  But I will never forget the first time I came properly.



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