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First Time

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An embarassing but exciting beginning!


I have enjoyed reading the stories posted here, and I think I'd like to contribute. I was very precocious sexually as a child... I always felt I was far more fixated on other people's bodies and private habits from a very young age than any of my friends were. I recall in vivid, living color, so many of these exciting experiences from very long ago. It is somewhat comforting to read here that so many other people had similar experiences.

I have many stories to tell, but I'll start with my first time, which looking back now as an adult was kind of shameful for me.

I was the oldest of three. My sister was only a year younger than me, and my mother cared for us together 'as a package' for a long time into childhood. She bathed us together; we shared a double bed and then two single beds in one room till I was 7 or so. There was very little privacy or modesty between my sister and me, and I thought nothing of seeing her naked or her seeing me naked late into childhood. I recall having naked tickling games with her in hallway waiting for the bath to fill up. We must have been in kindergarten or so at this time. My parents were both only-children, and I am sure they had no clue that there was any problem with any of this at all.

By the time I was 12, we each had our own bedrooms, though after lights out I would often still creep across the hall and slide in next to my sister. We'd talk quietly and play games and giggle until my dad yelled up the steps and told us to go to bed and stop fooling around.

During this physical closeness I recall often having a stiff little erection that poked out of my pajamas between the folds of cloth and felt good as I pushed it into the pillows. This one night we were playing and talking and we both got drowsy. Her hand was at her side and I thrust my hips a little as my sensitive penis touched her arm. Half asleep, I maneuvered lower till my penis slipped silently into her cupped hand. I pushed slowly at first, but as the feelings built and grew stronger, I pushed more purposely and thrusted harder into her hand.

I recall feeling the pressure build and became seemingly powerless to stop my gyrating. I blindly went faster and faster until I felt he most incredibly wonderful and frighteningly powerful feeling I had ever felt in my life. My penis immediately got numb and very sensitive, and I immediately stopped moving around because what a moment ago felt incredibly fantastic was now uncomfortable as my penis was more sensitive. I pulled back and quickly reached down to see what had happened-I was sure I had done terrible damage of some kind to myself-and I was stunned to find that I was all wet and sticky.

I leapt out from under the covers and ran to the bathroom. I was sure I had just peed myself, and as I stood in front of the open toilet looking down at my wet little penis, I waited to pee some more, but nothing happened.

At that moment the light flashed on in my head. I had read about this in the books I secretly pored through in the corner of the library where no one could see me. I had just had my first ejaculation! I was elated like the scientist who had just discovered a new element! I ran back into my sister's room and excitedly told her what I had done. She was asleep and didn't hear me.

I went back to my own bedroom and lay in my own bed wondering how soon I could try out my new discovery again. I was so excited and proud as I went to sleep. I tried it again a day later, by myself this time, hiding on the floor behind my bed. I had no clue as to technique, so I tried to duplicate as closely as possible the exact method that had worked the night before. I thrashed around noisily, clumsily pushing my penis into my own cupped hand. It happened again!! This had to be the coolest thing ever.

The next day after school, I excitedly told my sister what I had learned, and asked her to come up to my bedroom. I lay across my bed and without hesitation pulled down my blue jeans and white underpants straight to my knees. My little four-inch soldier was already standing at attention. I told her to watch as I stroked up and down, and after just a minute or two I felt the feeling building inside and told her, 'Here it comes!' I spasmed and jerked a few times, and gasped as a few drops of clear liquid came out of my penis and dripped on my tummy.

My sister was not impressed. The visual show obviously was missing the impact of the Sensaround I was feeling inside my entire body when this happened. I recall being slightly ashamed as she went away, cleaning up my little mess with a tissue, and making a mental note that this was something not to do with her again.

Soon I began to wonder if any other boys knew this secret power was inside them, and I vowed to find out who else knew in my circle of friends. More later.



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