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First Time

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I worked out until I became the camp stud.


The first time I had sex was when I was 186 and the girl was 21. It occurred at a summer camp where I was a waiter. The summer before I was 5' 7" and weight 175 pounds. I was not fat but chubby. Most of the guys my age were either taller or weighed less than me. The owner of the camp bought weight equipment for the first time and our group were the first ones to use it. The trainer, Fred, was a college senior who showed me the right way to work out. Over the last half of the camp I worked out every day except Sunday. When camp was finished I had lost weight and added muscle.

I weight trained all fall, winter and spring and also started to jog. I grew 8 inches and was now 6' 3" tall and weighed 220 lbs. with no fat. When I arrived at the bus stop to take us all to camp no one recognized me. When I was asked my name getting on the bus I just showed the person my name and put my finger to my lips.

I sat in my seat and put on my headphones and fell asleep. I would hear people asking who I was and then ask each other if I was coming back for the summer. About half way to camp I woke up and stood to stretch. One of the girls asked me my name. When I told her everyone gasped. They asked me what happened. I told everyone I grew 8 inches and added about 50 pounds and worked out a lot.

When we arrived at camp the owner saw me and gave me a huge bear hug. He had kept in touch with me about my exercise program. He told me I looked good and to stay away from his wife. I was noticing a lot of the female staff looking at me and just laughed it off. Our bunk leader was the same person for the last 5 years and I now stood eye to eye with him. He laughed and told me I looked good. We were paying to go to camp but were working as waiters. After we waited the tables and had bunk inspection we were free to do anything for 2 hours until lunch. Most days I went to the gym and worked out different body parts.

The trainer was the same as last year and he had a female assistant, Susan. The first day I was in the gym I had my measurements done. When I took of my shirt Susan actually whistled at me. I was caught off guard and went red in the face. After I was measured I worked out. When a class of girls came in they came over and started to talk with me. I joked with them for a while until their class started and Fred told me to go for a run.

I didn't know where to run to so Susan came with me. Susan was 5' 5" 120 pounds and very toned and 21. We went around camp and ended up at the waterfront and then back. It was a 2 mile run. After doing it twice Susan went and brought out some water for me. As I was drinking she bent over to stretch and I saw her ass and almost choked on my water. After catching my breath I stretched and cooled down. While waitering at lunch I asked Fred if I could talk to him later. He looked at me said 21 and no. I thanked him and went back to work. During rest hour we talked in the bunk about girls and everything else. Our bunk leader asked if anyone had had any sex yet and only one hand went up. He told us how he was nervous and came before he had the rubber on but stayed hard and was able to have sex in ten minutes.

Over the next few weeks Susan would do things to get me hot and horny. One day she wore shorts with no underwear and when I was on my back doing chest exercises I would see up her shorts. About 2 days before visiting day I received a note from Fred to be at the gym after lunch. When I arrived no one was there. When I turned to leave Susan called my name. She was by the exit door and told me to come in. She needed me to spot her with some exercises. The first was a back exercise where you get behind the person. As Susan was moving the weights she pressed her ass into my crotch and caused me to get hard. Next she needed me to spot her doing chest press. When she was done with the weights and I lowered it to the stand I felt her hand on my dick. Susan asked if I was a virgin. I nodded. Then if I jerked off thinking about her. Every day. Then have I ever seen a naked women. I shook my head no. Susan asked did I want to. I said yes. Susan closed the shades and told me to lock the door. I did and watched her go around the room closing the windows and pulling down the shades.

She told me to sit down on the mat with my legs spread and hands flat on the mat. First she took off her top and was in a sports bra. Her nipples were hard and my dick was growing. Next she took off her shorts. She had on a thong. I was very hard and sporting a major tent in my pants. She then turned around and took off her sports bra. When she turned back I saw my first boobs. They were 34C with huge nipples. Finally she took of her thong. She threw her thong at me and told me to smell them. When I did my head was spinning and I think I came. Susan came over and took off my shorts and shirt. She told me to stand and next took off my boxers. My 7 inch penis slapped her in the face. When she touched me for the first time I came in her hand. Susan laughed licked it up then kissed me. After kissing for a few minutes she asked if I wanted to fuck her. I nodded again. She got up and went to her shorts and pulled out a condom. She put it on me and got on top of me. My dick went in with no problem and she was going up and down on me. I soon found the rhythm and was fucking her. In a few minutes I came again but kept going. Soon Susan had a climax that made me cum again. After I became soft Susan rolled off me and told me I was good.

The rest of the day was a breeze. During dinner I dropped my stray twice because of Susan and a few other female staff members. They had someone finish up for me and told me to hit the showers early. As I was showering my bunk leader came into the cabin and started to ask what was wrong. I looked at him and he started to laugh. He told me I had that first time fuck look on my face. When I looked away he stopped laughing and asked if I got laid today. I nodded yes and he started to laugh again. I told him who and after describing it I told him a few other female staff were looking at me funny. My bunk leader told me I was the new stud on campus.

I had sex with Susan once more and after visiting day she was fired for coming back to campus drunk. I didn't fuck the rest of camp but did have a few hand and oral jobs from a few of the girls.



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