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First Suck

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I've only read one story about a guy with a transsexual girl on this website, which I can't understand why there aren't more. The majority of your stories seem to be between males, but I've never had the urge (or maybe opportunity) to do it with another guy, but I have to say for a long time, I used to have a big urge to play with another cock and put one in my mouth and see if I can make it cum. I think that's a normal thing for all men to want to experiment actually.
I know for a fact that there is a growing number of men like myself who love having sex with a transsexual girl (in addition to regular females), the only difference being a dick instead of a pussy.
First off, let me say that I just love women and now that I'm 39, I really don't relish the thought of making it with another guy, even if he were in his 20's.
About 5 years ago, I happened to meet this beautiful girl who was about 24 at the time-sort of girl next door type. She was about 5' 6', nice body with about sized B natural breasts. We made out a lot with a great deal of kissing and she ending up giving me handjobs or an occasional blowjob, but she never let me take her panties off or satisfy her, except to suck on her beautiful breasts.
One day, after about month, we got into a fight about something and one thing lead to another and the subject came up of why I couldn't pleasure her and her pussy. It was there that she finally admitted to me that she was a pre-op transsexual. She had a breast operation but still had a cock. After a little coaxing from me (I was curious as hell wondering what this face and body would look like with a cock!), she pulled down her panties to reveal her 6' circumcised cock. She also was completely shaven and smooth around her pubic area and around her butt and asshole. Later I discovered her entire body was smooth and hairless, just like a woman. When I saw that, my mouth dropped and I immediately got super hard. I saw my beautiful girlfriend standing there and the only thing different was that she had a cock. I just love smooth, hairless pussies, so seeing her without hair just made it more exciting.
She immediately spotted my hard cock and realized I wasn't angry or grossed out at the situation and walked up to me. By the time she got in front of me, her cock was hard too. She then took a hold of my cock and hers and touched the heads of them together and started to rub them. Then, like two wooden sticks used to make a fire, she rubbed them crosswise and then lengthwise, all the time we were kissing like mad. I couldn't hold off any longer and shot my load and got it all over her cock and hands. After she finished milking me, I took her cock in my hand and with my cum as a lubricant, I masturbated her until she came. She came just a little bit, but it definitely was erotic.
I loved her so much that I wanted to please her, so I asked her to teach me how to suck her cock. After about about 3 lessons, she didn't have to tell me what to do anymore. I have really come to enjoy having her cock in my mouth or in my hand and she knows it. When I'm working at my computer, she'll usually come out of the bathroom from taking a shower with a towel wrapped around her. She'll drop the towel and her dick would be sticking out.
We'd play a game and I'd act like I didn't notice anything and keep working, but then she'd take her dick and brush it outside my lips and rub it against my cheek, telling me 'You want to suck on my cock, don't you?' I'd let her rub her cock on my lips, keeping them closed and making like I was typing or working on something. And then she would say, 'Come on... o-p-e-n w-i-d-e' I'd part my lips and she'd slide it in and I'd be sucking while still faking work. She'd then sit next to my keyboard and put her hand behind my head and gently pull my face down. As soon as that happened, I'd go at it, licking her balls, sucking up and down and working the head once in awhile. Pretty soon, she'd come in my mouth, then she'd go down on me and return the favor.
I also love waking up in the morning with my hand cupped around her balls and cock and play with her while she gently awakens. We move into a 69 position afterwards.
I can absolutely understand why men want to experience jacking another cock off or feel what its like to put a bare cock in your mouth, using your lips and tongue to make it ejaculate. It's just as wonderful a feeling doing that, as is licking and sucking on a pussy.
MY girlfriend and I broke up about a year later. Now I often surf the internet checking out the TS and shemale sites. It just blows my mind how feminine they have become and I think I would have a difficult time recognizing one if not for my past experience. And yet I still think I might be fooled. Who knows, I would venture to guess maybe there might be about 5-10% of your readers who might have had an encounter with a sexy transsexual without knowing it.
I still date real females and love them too, but I've discovered that those t-girls who make the committment to have the breasts and possibly hormone shots, have really removed themselves from all aspects of being a male. Just because their cock is still there and they are functional, that's where it ends. They are beautiful females in my book.
I hope you'll post my story as I'm sure there are a lot of us female/shemale lovers out there that would like to write in with their stories. Maybe M=male, F=female and S=shemale?



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