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First story, first time.

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My first orgasm wasn’t the stuff of dreams. It wasn’t at the hands of another, and it didn’t happen anywhere more exciting than my own bed, during a thunderstorm. 



Puberty sucks. Every aspect of it, from the increases in vaginal discharge, to the irregular periods, even to achy boobs! I hated it when my body began to change, but worst of all I hated the looks I got. Eyes roving over me, pausing on the swellings on my chest and the ever more prominent hips and the gentle curve of my tummy. 

Most of all, I hated it when people would look at my crotch. 

All in all, I didn’t have a happy time. Oh yes, there was an “Uncle” who got over-friendly too. Maybe more of him later. 

So, it had been sweltering hot all day and I had spent most of it in the pool. But then the clouds rolled in and the storm took hold. 

I spent the evening in my bedroom watching tv. But this night felt weird. I couldn’t settle, and no matter what I watched, my mind seemed to focus between my legs....an area of me I didn’t like and didn’t trust. 

I knew other girls touched themselves....or so they said....mostly I figured they’d watched too much porn and it was wishful thinking. The closest I got to porn was when my brother had his GF stay over and my parents were out. I’d here them moaning and talking dirty. 

Anyway. I lay on my bed in just a T-shirt, watching the lightning and hearing the thunder crash. We get real good storms here. They come on quick and it feels like God’s throwing the furniture around. 

I felt prickly, antsy, and then I realised that once again, I was wet. I’d just showered and I was pissed. I ran a finger down there and it came back slick and glistening. 

I remember spreading my legs really wide. I don’t know why I did that....just something I guess. But the feeling only got more intense.....no, that’s not the right word. Insistent? Noticeable? I don’t know. Go figure. 

I felt a slight throbbing and I just touched where it throbbed. It felt good. Real good! I did it some more and soon I wasn’t moving my hand away at all. 

Something about exposing myself like that felt delicious. The touching only helped. Then I got this feeling like a sneeze coming or something. It felt somewhere between a sneeze and really needing a pee. It’s hard to describe. 

I stopped, but only for a second. I just could leave myself alone. Almost the second my finger touched my clit I had these enormous convulsions. My legs shook and I could feel regular contractions in my bum of all places. It took my breath away and I was gasping. 

It felt so good. I mean real good! Suddenly it seemed worth it. All the stickiness.....the itchy hair....the periods....if it gave me feelings like this maybe it’s worth it. 

Ok, I suppose that my orgasm coinciding with claps of thunder added some drama to it, but geez! 

All I know is that from then on, I could hardly keep my fingers out of my panties. 

I didn’t really have sexy thoughts though. They came later and I guess they were pretty tame judging by some of the stuff I’ve read on here, if it’s real of course. 

By the time I got to 16, I was used to the feelings my body could give me, but I never ever forgot how I’d felt those contraction in my bum. Somehow I linked my bum to sexual pleasure....something I experimented with a lot around 17-18. 

I've been reading here about some girls who like peeing? That can’t be right can it? Yuck! 

Then again, each to their own. 

Well that’s it. My first time, my first story, 



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