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First Orgasm Was an Accident

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First Orgasm Was An Accident It was a hot July day in Indiana and I was playing with my toy trucks in the shade along the edge of a sidewalk at the side of my house. I was lying on my stomach wearing my bathing suit. It was a stretchy terry cloth fabric with no lining, dark blue with wide white stripes along each side. I tell you all this information because it was to play a major role in my sexuality for some time after that. I had just turned ten years old and didn't know I even had 'sexuality'. As I played, my penis was rubbing the fabric of the suit but I remained unaware of the sensations. I had an erection but that happened all the time and I never gave it second thought. Suddenly I became aware of an intense sensation coming from my penis or maybe from deeper inside. I continued to thrust against the swim suit until I felt this deep throbbing begin in my groin. Without even realizing it I rolled over on my back and grasped my penis through the fabric of the swim suit and gently squeezed. Then, as quickly as it began, it was over. I laid there on my back, deeply relaxed and hardly able to even move. The throbbing seem to go on but at a much lower intensity until it finally stopped all together. I continued to lie there for awhile considering what had just happened. I didn't know what it was but I knew it felt great and I really liked it. It didn't really frighten me because I rationalized, 'how could anything that felt that good be bad for you'. I decided it merited further exploration and, leaving my play behind, headed upstairs to my bedroom. At that time it didn't occur to me that perhaps I should keep this a secret from my mother. I laid on my bed and began to gently stroke my penis through the fabric of my swim suit. I soon began to get the ticklish feeling in my groin again and began to rub harder. It only took a few minutes to reach that point where I couldn't stop no matter what happened and I had another (dry) orgasm, although I didn't know this wonderful feeling had a name at that time. Thus began my long time love affair with masturbation. I began to do it as often as I could and always wearing that wonderful bathing suit that I thought was somehow responsible for it. I began to sneak the swim suit into bed with me at night and would slip it on after everything quietened down and would rub myself off through it, many times more than once. (One of the great things about masturbation pre-puberty is you can, like a woman, have an almost unlimited number of orgasms in a long session of masturbation. Late in the following summer I was again lying on my bed on a hot summer afternoon quietly masturbating through my swim suit but this time when I orgasmed I knew I had ejaculated. I knew what it was because by that time my father and I'd had 'the talk'. Of course, it made a mess inside my precious swim suit and I somehow had to clean it up. This presented a problem because the bathroom was downstairs and so was my mother. I took the suit down to wash it out and somehow didn't get caught. From that time on I had to plan ahead and use something to catch the cum. I soon discovered that the swim suit didn't have a thing to do with this great discovery and was soon masturbating with bare hand on bare penis. I continued to occasionally masturbate through my briefs, swim suits and eventually discovered how soft and smooth panties were to masturbate with. I continue to enjoy it in all its wonderful forms to this day, 50 years later. Like others here, I still occasionally love to 'cum in my briefs'. My first orgasm was an accident but I never had another one, not even a wet dream. Keep Jackin'.



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