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First Orgasm

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So, this is the story of my first orgasm.

When I was 14, I would always come home from school EXHAUSTED and just want to sleep. First, thing I'd do when I got home is just plop right in bed, then I'd usually wake up at around midnight and watch South Park reruns and do my homework until I went back to sleep around 2 AM or so.

Anyway, this one day in fall that year, it was really cold and just an average depressing fall day, so all day I couldn't stop thinking about sex. I was just so horny that day, I couldn't keep it out of my mind, and it definitely affected me at school, because I didn't get crap done that whole day. So when I got off the bus I just ran up to my room and stripped naked, turned out the lights, turned my fan on (I always sleep with a fan on to drown out all the noise that my sisters and my loud red neck neighbors make and to stay cool) then I crashed on my bed. I'd usually put my jammies on now in the dark, because this was a fun thing that I always did at the end of the day. And I always tickle myself when I do it. It helps me get to sleep.

So anyway, I decided to sleep in the nude that night because I was turned on, so I crawled under the sheets and curled up with some pillows and started playing with myself while I thought about hot people at school. I dunno if I'm a lesbian or not, but sometimes girls turn me on too, but I would never tell ANYONE that (except for a website, maybe....). I just kinda pulled on my pussy lips for a bit. That's when I discovered my clitoris, but I didn't know what it was called yet. After maybe five minutes it started feeling REALLY GOOD so I rolled over on my back, and spread my legs as wide as I could. I pulled my sheets off and let the warm air coming from the heater vent flow over me and it felt so good. I touched my boobs and tickled my nipples with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other. Then I tickled all over my abdomen and rubbed my clit for a long time, maybe an hour or more. Then after a long time playing with myself in the dark, I could hear it starting to rain hard outside, and it sorta turned me on for some reason. It was probably really cold and yucky out, but I was warm and cozy and having THE TIME OF MY LIFE inside. As the rain got harder, I rubbed harder and pretty soon, I could feel like a tingling coming from my clit and it only got better and better until all of a sudden if all just 'climaxed' and then it like sent waves all over my body. At least three in a row! And each time my toes curled and my nipples and sides tingled. It felt so good. I must have moaned a bit, but I can't hardly remember.

Then when I was done, I wrapped the sheets tight around my naked body and rolled over and went right to sleep. when I woke up later that night, I put some panties and a shirt on and went to pee and then I did it again on the toilet. It wasn't as good as the first one, but it felt great. Ever since that day, I've done it almost every day and I especially like to do it on cold, rainy fall days! One thing though...I forgot to do my homework that night!



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