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First Of Many Time With Best Friend

Posted by: Age: 15 at the time Posted on: 3 comments
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My best friend and I had an interesting experience when he found his dad's magazines...


Sorry about the length, I didn't intend for this story to be so long at the onset.  Enjoy.

This happened when I was about 15.  My best friend at the time lived around the corner from me.  We had a solid friendship because we were into all the same interests and activities.  During the summer months, he would often be home alone.  Both his parents worked during the day, and his sister would go out with her friends - so I'd ask my mom almost daily if I could ride my bike over to his house to play.  We would do a variety of things like watch movies, read books, play sports, video games, etc.

Over the years, as we made our way through puberty, hormones began to rage and an interest in sex began to occupy our conversations.  We'd talk about girls and their bodies.  We'd talk about his sister and her friends and their gorgeous perky breasts.  He'd show me his sisters bra and panties.  These conversations got us totally aroused.  We'd both get erections just talking about this stuff.  Sometimes I'd catch him taking a long look at the bulge in my pants.  Other times heíd catch me.

One day when I arrived at his house he greeted me with a wide smile and told me he'd just found his dad's dirty magazine collection.  He said it was great.  I really wanted to see it, but I didn't even have to ask because the very next moment he took me to where the magazines were hidden in the basement.  They WERE great!  I had never seen erotic pictures like that before.  We didn't even have to go through that many issues so see good stuff.  The very first one we picked was full of gorgeous pictures of womanís bodies.  Closeups of breasts and nipples and pussies.  It took just a few minutes of flipping pages to give me a solid erection.  I remember it being summer, and we were both wearing shorts.  My rock-hard penis was pushing the fabric away from my body forming a perfect tent.  He had the same problem too, a healthy bulge in the front of his shorts.

He took at look at my shorts and said, "Wow you really like these pictures huh?  Look at your boner!"

"I know", I said.  "These are great magazines - it looks like you like them too", I continued.

"Uh yeah...", he laughed.  "I sure do."

At this point we each had full erections.  He reached down into his shorts and adjusted his penis so that it went straight up, "Just have to make a slight adjustment here ... ok that's better."  Once adjusted he looked down to inspect it I guess.  Then he pushed the fabric of his shorts against his cock to reveal the outline of his erection.  It looked similar in size to mine, but it was tough to judge through the fabric and all.

Seeing this, I realized I needed to make the same adjustment; "Good point, I think I'll move things around here too."  I put my hand down my shorts and adjusted my hard penis in the same way.  He leaned forward a little to try to look inside, but I was already done adjusting.

"Better now?", he said.

"Yeah that is better", I said.  I didn't push on my shorts to show the outline of my cock though.  At once we resumed looking at the magazines again.

Every minute or so, he would slightly adjust his cock to the left or right just by pushing on it a little.  I'd see his fingertips press down onto the shaft and head each time accompanied by a little exhale.  I had to do the same thing, but I did it just about 30 seconds later, or so.  Each time he adjusted himself he moved the magazine (he was holding it), so the only thing to look at was him pushing against his cock.  When I did the same he would also move the magazine and watch me press on my cock.  This went on for a good ten minutes.  Each time we adjusted we'd get a clear look at what the other guy was doing.  Our cocks were so hard, and it felt so good to keep touching them every few seconds, and to know that the other guy was watching you touch your penis over and over.

"I need to make a major adjust again sorry", he said.  He pulled the waistband of his shorts out a little farther than they needed to go, and put his hand down there to make his adjustment.  It seemed like his hand was there longer than it needed to be.  This time I leaned forward just a bit to catch a look.  I'd never seen anyone elseís cock before.

"You ok in there?  Everything in it's place ha ha?", I said while trying to sound cool but still catch a look inside.

"Yeah I think so.  Do you want to check it out?" he said.

I felt a rush.  "Ok sure", I said.  He then pulled out his waistband again far enough so that I could easily look down inside.

I leaned in and looked down at his cock.  "Wow, you're in good shape there", I said stupidly.  I didn't know what to say.  I was so excited to see his dick.  He was a good 6 1/2" and cut.  I leaned back when I was done looking and offered him the same courtesy, "Do you wanna see too?"

"Yeah totally" he said right away.  I pulled my shorts open for him and he leaned in to get a good look.  I'm about the same size as him except I'm uncut.

"We look about the same size.  Should we compare?", he offered.

"Ok sure letís see", I said nervously but also excited at the same time.

We each pulled our shorts down to mid-thigh; far enough to totally show our hard cocks to each other.  Mine sprang up and pointed at the ceiling once free of my shorts.  His did the same.  We stood there for a second looking at each other's cocks throbbing.  Thatís when I noticed a little pre-cum on the end of his shaft.

"They're pretty close to the same size", he said steeping forward to get close enough so that our cocks were inches away but not touching.  You could easily see they were basically the same length only his was a little thicker.  "The end of yours looks moist.  Do you ever masturbate?", he asked.

"Yeah sometimes, do you?", I said.

"Yeah sometimes.  Do you have a favorite way?", he continued.

"I dunno I just rub it somehow.  What's your favorite way?", I responded.

"Sometimes I rub it on a pillow, but I use my hands too", he said, and with that he gripped his thick cock as if to demonstrate what he just said.

"You wanna show?", timing my question just as he put his hand around his shaft.

"Sure, it's just like this ... ", and he begun to slowly stroke his cock while standing right in front of me.  He held it at a perfect angle pointing up towards me so that I could look down and see the pre-cum ooze just a little more with each slow pump.  "That's nice", he said after a few seconds.  "This feels good."

"That does look like it feels good", I said as I instinctively gripped my own cock as he was stroking his.  "I'm going to do it with you", I said as I slowly began the same motion of stroking my cock up and down.  I held myself at the same angle to give him a good look at the pre-cum that was building at the end of my cock.

"Ok then lets just stroke together for a few minutes", he said as he continued to slowly pump his cock.  The pre-cum was glistening at the end of his thick penis now and beginning to run down onto his fingers.  I had plenty of pre-cum of my own on my cock now too.  Being uncut it would slowly lubricate the head of my penis each time I pumped, rolling the foreskin back and forth.

"I'm gonna sit down on the bench", he said making his way towards a short bench that was nearby positioned in front of a larger workbench.  I followed and sat down beside him close enough that we could each look down and perfectly see the other guy pumping his cock.  This continued for another few minutes.  Just nice slow rhythmic stroking.  At this point my cock was tingling so good but I didn't want to cum fast so I went slow.  He was going slow too maybe for the same reason.  We edged like this until he spoke again, "I'm really close to cumming soon, how are you doing?"

"I'm close too and I want to go faster but I'm trying to control myself", I said as I kept my stroking slow enough to keep myself from spurting.

"Maybe we should just go a little faster.  I want to."  He began to stroke a little faster now and started to lean back slightly.  I leaned back too and increased my pace as well.  It felt so good to pump faster, and I could hear him breathe harder as we both increased our speed.  He then lifted his tee-shirt to under his chin to expose his bare stomach.  His speed got even faster now and he was giving his cock a good stroke with it lubed up with his pre-cum.  You could hear the sound his hand made each time it went up and down the shaft.

Watching him pump his cock made me pump mine faster too.  I pulled my shirt up under my chin and leaned back getting comfortable now as I stroked my cock at a perfect speed.  The foreskin and head we're all lubed nicely from my pre-cum so my hand slid easily up and down my shaft.  Once we increased our speed we didn't last that much longer.  My breathing got harder too and I began to feel a nice tingle in my cock and balls.

"Ohhhgh", is what came out of my mouth, and thick ropes of cum is what came out of my cock.  "Mmmm" was the sound I made as I pumped through my orgasm and fired cum shot after cum shot onto my bare skinned stomach.  As I kept stroking through as I watched my friend finally start to shoot his own load.  He made a similar sound with a heavy breathing.  He shot rope after rope onto his own stomach and thrusted his pelvis into the air with each convulsion.  He looked down at his cock shooting and then bent his head back again.

We kept stroking for a few seconds after our orgasms, and then he sat up and grabbed a roll of paper towels from the work bench.  He tore off a sheet and handed it to me.

"That was so good huh?", he said almost out of breath.

"That was", I said particularly low on conversation at the moment.

"Didn't expect that to happen but I'm glad it did.  I didn't realize how horny I was.  I really needed to cum", he said wiping himself clean and getting his clothes back together.

"Me too.  I came a lot.  That felt so good."  I cleaned myself up and got dressed as well.

At this point he put the magazines back where he found them.  As we made our way up the stairs he looked back at me and said, "They should be safe there until we need them again ..."



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