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First Mutual Experience

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First Mutual Experience
I guess I was about 15 when I had my first mutual. I am not gay however I have had and still do have experiences with other guys. I guess I am a little bit bi. Anyway my best male partner is my best friend who I'll call Scott.
Scott was about 14 at the time and was slightly shorter than I was. He is one of those guys who is real good looking. He has shoulder length blonde hair, a nice tan and has almost no body hair except for a little on his arms and legs which was also golden colored (I have a thing for blonde hair whether it is on a guy or a girl.) He is also fairly athletic looking.
Anyway he had come over and we began doing normal guy stuff, playing football, Nintendo, and stuff like that. Soon it came time for us to go to bed. Now I had started Puberty pretty early, around 12 and by then I was pretty much through. Scott had just started puberty around his fourteenth birthday so Scott was still in his very horny phase and it wasn't long before our conversation turned to girls. He asked me a lot of questions and we started to look at some porno. There was a picture of a guy in the magazine with a guy and a girl in bed with him and then an article on Bisexuals. This seemed to excite Scott just has it had me. How cool is it to able to have the best of both worlds. We began talking about it and about masturbation and we decided that next time he came over we would both masturbate (we didn't plan on doing a mutual together at this point).
It wasn't long before he came over again. Scott had never masturbated so he was very excited to learn how and I was excited to be able to teach him how. We went to bed early and turned out the lights but we kept the T.V on so we could see what we were doing. I invited Scott into my bed and he came up hurriedly. I began slowly undressing. First my socks, then my shirt, then came my pants and finally my Boxers revealing my Rock hard cock. It was an incredible rush to be naked and be lying right next to my friend. Ok now its your turn I told Scott. He was nervous but he slowly took his cloths off too.He was so sexy. His cock, although not as big as mine was the prettiest I have ever seen. I suddenly had a desire to reach out and grab it and start sucking it. But I restrained myself. I began stroking my cock and he followed suite. I could hear his shaking breath. As I watched my friend gently caress his manhood I could no longer control myself. I turned to him and asked if he wanted to try mutual masturbation. He agreed.
I turned toward him and as he was still stroking his penis I started gently running a finger down his chest onto his stomach. I then took over for him on his cock gently caressing him and tickling his balls. He reached over with one of his hands and started squeezing and playing with my cock. I brought my lips to his passionately kissing him. I felt I was going to come so I pulled away from him. I didn't want it to end yet. I led him down to the ground where his bed was (a mattress on the floor) and pulled off the covers.
I laid him down and straddled him. I started kissing him again on the lips gradually moving to his chest. I then started licking his arms and sucking his fingers. I then went to his tight belly and just passed his cock letting my lips barely caress it. I went to his feet and gave his toes a good sucking and licking. (I have a huge foot fetish) I moved slowly up his legs, touching, licking, kissing and caressing. I then took his penis into my mouth. I could feel it quivering as I let my tongue flick over it. I began to suck and lick and heard him start to moan. He shot an incredible load into my mouth and on my face. He then began to pleasure me mostly with his hands but when I told him I was about to come he surprised me by taking my cock into his mouth.
We masturbated together again that morning and continue to masturbate to this day. He is now 16 and I just turned 18. --Ben



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