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First Female Touch

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First time touch, experience and masturbation with mature female.




During long summer holidays both my parents worked and consequently when we were not at some holiday resort,  l was left to my own devices to entertain myself for most of the day. Most of the time was spent either reading, playing in the back garden with a ball or our dog, or both.

One very hot summer's day l was in the garden wearing just shorts and no top, when l was aware that a neighbor's wife was calling me from a bedroom window, that only just viewed into our garden.  The rest of the garden was not overlooked at all due to both sides having quite a tall wall between them.  She asked if l had any sun cream on, to which l answered no, l do not believe we had any such lotions in our house in years gone by.

However, she then replied you will burn if you don't protect yourself. I have a bottle here, if you come to the back gate l will let you have some.  I wandered round to their back gate which had already been opened and l noted she already had a bottle in her hand. She said to come in and l put some cream on you, and l entered the garden.  l noted that there was a sun lounger and towels around their grassed area, a large table with lots of different types of objects around, one of which looked very much like a dildo but it was half-covered with a cloth so l could not be sure.

She then said to me stand over here and l will put some on your back, so l did as l was requested,  and she opened the bottle and was about to put some on her hand, when she suddenly said we better not get any on your shorts had we, and commenced to lower my shorts around 3 to 4 inches which exposed my bottom, and would have exposed my penis had it not been fully erect and rock hard, and was stuck under the elasticated waistband of the shorts, which stopped the shorts from going down further.

She proceeded to rub the cream over my back and exposed bottom which l have to say was gentle and quite erotic and sexual which encouraged, if it were possible, more growth to my now aching cock. She then proceeded to do the back of my legs.  l was then instructed to turn around, and again she said we do not want any on your shorts do we and proceeded to pull my shorts down now exposing my fully erect penis to which she exclaimed, "Oh my, he is a very proud boy isn't he, and such a beauty."  Not sure she was telling the truth. 

I thought she was going to put cream on my chest but she said to go and stand over by the wall that separated our gardens and proceeded to get a camera out of a bag that was on the table. l found out at a later date that she had her own processing booth in one of their spare rooms, and no doubt would look at them at a later date, and would she even show them to others. l wondered.

She came over and proceeded to instruct me to get into various poses, sideways, front, back, and even to bend over exposing my bum hole and balls from the rear. After that l was requested to to lie on a towel on the lawn area.  By this time she had taken her top off exposing her breasts with beautiful large nipples, which to this day l regret not having taken them into my mouth and tasting them, together with feeling the large nipples on my tongue and mouth.

l was then again requested to open my legs fully, exposing my balls, and fully erect penis, then to turn over onto my knees and yet again to open my legs fully, again showing absolutely everything.  Then to lie on my back on the lawn again with my arms outstretched.  She then stood over me, no panties on, legs wide apart exposing a lovely bush and pussy that was glistening, to which l thought at the time she had wet herself, only at a later date would l put two and two together. l was then told to stand and she knelt in front of me with breasts very close to my penis, and started to caress my cock with sun lotion. Almost immediately I exploded my seed all over her breasts and nipples. She then commenced to rub all of my cum over her breasts and moaning as l believe she herself was having an orgasm. She kissed the top of my still erect penis still covered in my seed, and whispered, "Our secret." Then toweled me down, and l was sent off with a kiss on the lips, and her saying, hopefully again sometime and don't forget 'our secret'. Later that day l masturbated again, twice, at the very thought of her exposure and the morning experience.

The next time, unfortunately never happened.  I understand her husband was promoted at his work and they left for pastures new. On the day they left they came round to say farewell and she put her arms around me holding me close to her breasts and a kiss on the cheek, and a very nice squeeze of my buttocks.

I wondered, even today if she masturbated to my pictures, or did anyone else for that matter, husband,  other males or females? Who knows?  I certainly did masturbate, remembering many times  when l masturbated afterwards, at the thought of that day, and had hoped, alas, for more. l still get a cock twitch even today as l put pen to paper, get a cock twitch remembering that erotic day.  



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