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First Experience With Panties

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When I was about 14 my cousin, who I barely knew, came over to babysit me whilst my parents were out. Anyway when she came round the first thing I noticed was a small black thong poking out the top of the jeans she was wearing. I instantly got excited and could feel my dick starting to twitch.

Later that night when me and my cousin were sat watching tv. I kept glancing down at her thong which was becoming more and more exposed as the time went by. All of a sudden she stood up and said, 'You hungry?' I just replied 'yeah' and she went off into the kitchen and got us a few snacks then came back in with them. As she bent over to place them on the table, her ass only inches from my face, her thong was, what I can only describe as trying to burst out of her jeans. I could feel my dick getting hard just looking at her ass and thong. At that age I wasn't sure, and I'm still not as to whether she knew her thong was showing but my god I loved it. As time passed some more I could feel my dick getting harder still as I kept staring at her thong. Then I realised something, maybe, since she was staying over the night she might have a thong tucked away inside her bag upstairs. Once this thought popped into my mind I just couldn't help but feel really turned on by the thought of her underwear sat in a bag. So I told her I was just going to the toilet and would be back in a minute. I left and went upstairs and since the room she was staying in was right next to the toilet I walked in and saw the bag on the floor next to the bed.

I slowly walked over to the bag, and slid the zips open so I could see everything that was in there. I put my hand in and searched through until jackpot I could feel the soft, lacey threads of a thong. I grabbed the thong and took it out of the bag. For a moment I just stood there gazing at the thong, almost in dis-belief that I actually had it in my hand. I quickly pulled the bedroom door closed and started to pull my jeans and boxers off. For some reason I did this without thought and putting the thong on was the only thing in my mind. So I slipped the thong on around my cock. My cousin was quite skinny so it was a tight fit around my cock, but not for long. I could feel my dick getting harder with the feel of the thong around it and the rush of possibly being caught by my cousin. I realised at this point my cousin might be getting suspiscious so I took the thong off and stuffed it back inside the bag.

I put my clothes back on and went downstairs. As I walked into the lounge my cousin was just sitting down. 'Got us some more snacks' she said, smiling at me. I just sat down and carried on watching tv with her, her thong still showing out of her jeans. Little did I realise until later that same night, that she hadn't just been getting snacks whilst I was upstairs and what was to come was beyond anything I could have imagined.

I will post the second part to this story soon. Hope you liked this and I can guarantee the second part is 100x better.



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