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Fire Crotch

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She set my world on fire for sure.


So I was dating the Fire Crotch. She was amazingly pretty. She was also a freak. She was also Bi and loved girls almost more than guys. She TOOK my virginty. WE did a lot of experimenting. I told her once I would try any thing once and she took it literally. We were only going out for about a month and we had already had sex many times. The first time though was amazing. It was my first time. We were at a party and she had already give me head that night before the party. On the way there even. We were sitting there watching a movie and all of the sudden I felt a hand on my cock. I thought nothing of it till I noticed the hot blond next to me was smiling. It was her hand. Some how she got her hand under my Girlfriends ass into my pants and on my cock.

I didnt say any thing. When me and my girlfriend got up we and went out side. To be alone. We starting getting busy. I was sitting there laying back while she gave me head. All the sudden she stoped sucking I was about to ask why and when I opened my eyes she had positend her self on top. Didnt ask she just started fucking. I didnt mind it felt great she knew what she was doing. I just layed there. All of the sudden I heard the door to the house open I said hurry get off. She said no no I know who is comming. It was the Blond girl. It was her Girl friend. She didnt tell me. Before long my Gf and her were kissing and then she just got up and sat back and watched. It kinda weird having sex your first time and having someone you dont know watching. Needless to say after we got done I got up and watched them to go at it.

After about a week of sex me and my gf had a Threesome With Her gf. It was awesome. We made a habbit out of it. We just kept trying diffrent things. We got to our sixth mounth mark. And as a gift a gave me gf a $50 gift card to a sex shop. This was after I told her I would try anything once. So the next weekend I went the her apratment. I saw some handcuffs on the bed after we got started. So she handcuffed me down. (a first) and blind folded me. I got kinda scared because I knew how much of a freak she was. She told me the Safe word was Apple. And said what would we need that for and no sooner then I got that out she stuck a Huge Dildo in my ass. I was like WOAH!!!. But I didnt say apple. I had always wanted to try anal play so I just rolled with it. After we got done I said and how much of that did you buy with the gift card and she said only the handcuffs she had already had the toys.

We just kept trying weird and weird thing. Finally it got to the point where I was fucking here while her Gf was wearing a Strap on fucking Both of us in the Ass. She was going back and forth. I think my favorite thing we did was when it was my turn to tie her down and I shoved the Biggest dildo she had in her Ass and then went to Town on the pussy. DP it was a blast. Right before we broke up she asked if we could try it with two guys and very reclutly I said yes. Now I thought it was just gonna be Dp. Intill all the sudden the guy pulled it out off her and stuck it in me and tried to bust his load in my ass. I pushed him off and he just went back to her ass. That was the last time we had sex me and her. I got a call the Next mornig she was having sex with that guy at the very momnet. I havent talked to here since. But I miss some of the kinky shit we did.



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