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Finding Heaven in a Movie Rental Store

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My first encounter with a man at a beach movie rental store.

There is an adult movie rental store at the beach. Although, I have been in this place many times, I have only had three sexual encounters with other guys.

I had an encounter with a handsome man of about my age last summer. I had only been in the store about ten minutes. I had walked the halls several times just looking to see who was there and what movies were being shown in the various booths. As a side note, when you enter the store you pick a movie out of hundreds of movies, pay the rental and the movie is played in one particular booth. As I was standing outside of one of the booths watching some sucking and fucking, a man stood behind me and softly spoke to me. "Join me in booth 7" was all he said, and he turned and walked away. I was unsure what to do. I really wanted to join him but everything told me not to go. After a minute, I went looking for booth 7. The door was shut - what should I do. My whole insides were just vibrating with excitement. I pushed the door open and walked in. He was sitting in a chair, totally naked, watching his movie. He turned to me as I entered. Motioning for me to come over, I walked toward him. My waste line was right at his head. Without a word spoken, I simply unziped my shorts. My cock sprang out for I had no underware restraining it. He simply bent over and started sucking me. Ohhh, I was in heaven. It felt soooo good. He sucked on the head of my cock and his tongue was dancing all around. I couldn't stand it. I unbuckled my shorts which fell to the floor. I was in heaven. All thoughts of concern has melted into nothing. I wasn't even paying any attention to the movie. His tongue and mouth were so wonderful. Occasionally, he would slide his mouth down to the base of my 7 inch cock letting his tongue dance away on the sensitive underside of my cock. I was so hard and ready. He would suck and tongue for a very short while and then slip back up to the head of my cock. Ohhh, he was so good.

He would suck on the head for a while and then slide back down my entire shaft. This was repeated over and over. I knew I couldn't take this very long but wanted it to last a lifetime. My legs were shaking and I was shaking. I exploded. Undoubtedly the best gigantic cum that I had had in years. Without question, the best blow job that I have ever had. And I might add, my first blow job from a man. He really knew what he was doing and I was so in blisfull heaven. I came and came and came in his mouth. He took it all and kept sucking and licking me with that expert tongue. Finally he milked me dry and my spent cock slid out of his mouth. He seemed to have no more interest in me. He just returned looking at his movie. I pulled my shorts up, zipped my fly, and fastened my belt. I walked out of the booth, out of the building.

What had I done? Concerns returned to me, but I knew without any doubt that I had just gotten the best blow job of my life, at age 56, and from a man. There must be some truth that it takes one to know one for he certainly knew how to send me into sexual heaven.

I have returned a half dozen times to this place, but have never seen him again. I am going back to the beach in two weeks and am looking forward to seeing what happens.



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