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Finally, Alone With My Girlfriend.

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My girlfriend and I have been together for about a year now (it will be a year in a couple weeks). Our relationship is great and our sex life is good (could be better, but we both live at home so privacy is rare. but we do our best with what we have). She is gorgeous. About 5'4", curves in all the right places, brown curly hair, C cups and an ass and legs that make me crazy.

We recently took a trip for a few days. Finally, time alone. Just the two of us. Our first night together was great. We made love and fell asleep. We woke up and started fooling around. I was kissing her neck and rubbing her clit. I slipped my fingers in and I realized that she didn't have her birth control in (she uses the ring so it's easy to notice). I hadn't noticed the night before, but maybe that was just due to the heat of the moment. So after this, we stopped and took care of a few things.

That night we got ready for bed and begin to fool around again. Kissing passionately while my hands rub her pussy. It starts to get wetter and wetter. Legs spread and knees bent, her back arches while I stick my hands inside her panties and rub her clit. She grabs my dick and rubs it through my boxers. I climb on top of her and slide her panties off and I take my boxers off as well. As I'm on top of her, I continue to rub her pussy.

To preface what happened next, I guess I should mention that she has never been able to make herself orgasm and I have only made her orgasm a handful of times prior (not due to lack of trying). And the times that I have done it was purely due to rubbing her clit.

As I'm rubbing her, I whisper, "tell me how you like it"

"slower," she moans.

I obey and adjust. After a minute or so, I grab her hand and tell her to show me how she likes it.

She smiles, "ok."

She looks at me and takes a breath. She begins to rub her clit and says "wow, I haven't played with myself in a long time"

I look at her up and down and can't take my eyes off of her. I have always loved watching women play with themselves in porn, and to see my girlfriend do it for me was a huge turn on. Her two fingers were slowing running circles over her clit. I could hear her juices as she did this. Her moans were constant.

I tell her how sexy I think she is and especially how sexy she is while she does this to herself. Not being able to help it any more, I grab my dick and start stroking it. Wet with precum and hard as a rock, I pound it. There we were, laying next to each other, playing with ourselves. We have only done this one other time but it was more of a dare and didn't take it too seriously. But this was so incredibly hot, and I made sure I let her know that.

"feel good?" I ask.

"mmhmm," she bites her lip and nods her head.

We play with ourselves for another five minutes or so and then I kiss her and we trade. I rub her clit and she strokes my dick. She has the perfect grip and knows exactly how I like it. Her back is arching and her body is tensing. This is normal, I usually get her to this point. She moans louder and tenses more. Then her legs close and she lets out a sigh. At this point I know she stopped herself. I'm not sure why, and neither does she. I have made her orgasm before and we continue to try to figure our what was different about those times.

Regardless of this, she continues to stroke me.

"let me see if I can get you to feel what I feel when you do this to me," she says. She starts to kiss and gently bite my neck. Her hand lets go of my dick and I start to stroke it myself. Harder and faster, her lips on my neck feels so good.

After a few minutes, I push her down and straddle her. She smiles, and I smile back. I stroke my dick a few more times and let out a few ropes of cum. I cum on her stomach and tits. And we're done for the night.

I tell her that I think what we had done was extremely hot and I'd love to do it more often. And from the sounds of it, she enjoyed it as well. Hopefully we do. And hopefully we figure out what it is that makes her cum.



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