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Fellow Student Quietly Jilling Off

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A true story, actually


At university, twenty of us once rented an old scout cabin for a get-together at midterm. The idea being that we´d cook meals, drink some wine, complain about lousy professors etc. Not terribly exciting but okay for a weekend. It was all very relaxed and people would bed down on bunk beds in the dormitory irrespective of sex.

Needless to say, some of my fellow students went to bed earlier than others and while some were playing the guitar and chatting in the kitchen, a number of people had already gone to bed and seemed to be asleep when I decided to turn in too. Never being quick to fall asleep, I listened to the snoring for a while. After that I (reluctantly, I swear)listened to a bloke a couple of mattresses away beating off rather loudly, not sure whether that was in spite of the girls in the room of because of them.

After that, things were silent for some time, but then I became aware of an almost silent squishy sound from somewhere. It was very dark by then and I couldn´t really tell who was making the sound, but it stopped immediately when the door opened and another couple of students tiptoed in to go quietly to bed.

I was increasingly curious, of course and really excited about finding out which girl on the course was the dormitory masturbator. After another half hour, the room was dead silent again apart from some obvious light snoring, and then the rubbing sound came again. Having spent the last twenty minutes attempting to fine tune whatever night vision I had as if my life depended on it, I began looking slowly for the person making the sounds, making sure to move my head very slowly and not breathing too heavily. Difficult, as I was becoming very aroused. Turned out I was in luck - in fact the girl who was playing with herself was in a top bunk same as me, only two beds away and with the bed between us empty and giving me a fairly good view, though there wasn´t much light. She was not the best looking of the girls, far from it. A rather strange one, in fact, who I wouldn´t have thought had any interest interest in sex at all. Hardly the one I´d guessed would be playing with herself in a full dormitory, but I supposed the bloke who jerked off an hour or two earlier might have been a turn on, incredible as it might sound, and having to stop for twenty minutes and be quiet probably made her even more desparate. Or did she do this every night? Giving her pussy some tender loving attention and imagining - well whatever it is that girls imagine when they jill themselves to sleep.

She was working at it much less discreetly now, I could see the sleeping bag moving as her hand went back and forth between her legs. Seemed to me the most interesting thing I had ever seen, even if her body wouldn´t normally have interested me much with her nerdy face, too dumpy hips and tiny breasts. I was enormously turned on and really tempted to get my dick out and rub along too. As it happens, I didn´t dare to so I had to make do with storing everything in great detail in my brain in uncompressed format. This included the increasing wetness of the sounds, her breath becoming heavier, how she turned unto her back and pulled her knees up and started moving her pelvis up and down as she rubbed away at her secret spot, which I vividly imagined every detail of. After another few minutes she rubbed even faster, gasped slightly and stopped. I probably don´t have to explain that I sneaked out very soon after that, hurried to the bathroom and jerked off violently and came in seconds. Never confronted her with it, but certainly couldn´t pass her again in the corridor without imagining her eager fingers playing greedily on her clitoris. Unattractive that she was, I´d be reminded of that night in the scout cabin and have to excuse myself and look out for somewhere to jerk off and be late for another tutorial.



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