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Feelings for Human Sexuality Class

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This is such a neat forum site! Thanks, Chris!


Your professor told about your fantasy percentages and asked about the general public's fantasies when self-pleasuring. I'll start with times when my wife and I are together. When she's not in the mood, but gets me started by using lotion and stroking gently, her hand is so tender, I simply focus on the feelings she is pressing into my love wand! They're wonderful and fantastic, but she tires in 10 minutes more or less and says, 'Take over.' My hand pumping does not have the delicious feelings hers gives me so I ask to see her body and move my eyes up and down from her breasts to her Love Nest. Now that's not fantasy, but life in the real world. I pump faster and faster until I unload my thick, hot, white cream all over my abdomen.
When I beg her to let me touch her, I use some vaseline to make my finger slick so I can rub her clit without giving her clit irritation. We lie side by side, whether I use my left hand to tickle her clit while using my right hand to pump my shaft or using my left hand to pleasure myself and my left hand to pleasure her. Then since I can't see her well but can only feel her fuzzy Love Nest and feel her clit, I have to fantasize what I'm touching, because I have seen it other times, spreading her vaginal lips with one hand and pulling up on the hood over her clit to watch her clit pop out! It is so exciting even now to think about it that my body gave an involuntary lurch to stiffen and I reached for my shaft without thinking!
I love it when she lets me spread her vaginal lips and pull up on the hood for her clit to pop out for me to see, but she doesn't let me do that very often. I keep telling her I want to 'see her' more often, the 'her' meaning her clit. In the meantime while either pleasuring both of us at the same time or pleasuring myself alone, I remember the exquisite view. You can call that fantasizing if you want to. I can see it in my mind's eye whether my eyes are closed or not.
Occasionally, I'll go end for end so she can see me pump my shaft right up close to her face and where I can look between her legs while I rub her clit to make it tickle. I like the private, very intimate view and sometimes spread her vaginal lips so I can see her hood covering her clit. Now that's not fantasy, but life in the real world. The longer I can rub her clit and pump my wand, the more excited I get thinking about me actually touching her clit and rubbing it to make me tickle! The more excited I get, the faster I rub her clit and pump my shaft! The faster I rub her clit, the more she moans or sighs. It's her sighs and moans that really trigger my exquisite feelings because then I am assured that I'm doing the most loving thing I can do for her!
Everything else around the house or yard is simply necessary, perfunctory, and an obligation. But tickling her, giving her exquisite pleasure is the highlight of my life because I know I'm doing something special for her and my volcano starts pumping and giving me feelings that first of all fill the entire mid section of my body and them burst clear up to my brain and I just 'float' for a while, riding high above the sky, simply floating for 10-20 minutes before coming down off my high. We call it 'jumping off the mountain.'
Now when I'm pleasuring myself alone, pornography does absolutely nothing for me, especially if the vaginal area is separated from the rest of the body. I want to see the whole nude female body. And I like to see fuzzy hair around the crotch. But even that is not enough. If the female is not smiling, I think she is not enjoying the exposure of her body all naked. Of all the pictures females have sent me after I ordered Men's Health magazine, only one had a smile on her face. That's the only one I still have and I enlarged it. Sometimes when stroking while looking at it, I let her lips touch my purple head, but it's not as fulfilling as when my wife kisses my shaft.
Of all the pictures I've seen in magazines, only one was smiling in Photo magazine where a female was lying nude on a flag with her legs crossed. That's the only one I still have and I enlarged it. To see her in action, I'll rest my other hand on the armrest of the recliner so it moves back and forth as though her whole body is racking with pleasure while I'm enjoying the tickle inside my wand.
But most often, I just close my eyes and focus on the pleasure I'm feeling deep inside me. Perchance my erection does relax even when I'm pumping it, I think back to the 2 times I went for a massage in a nearby town and the female who was wearing only a white T-shirt was massaging my entire manhood. See 'Great Massages' posted March 8. So, to answer the question posed by your professor in 'Human Sexuality Class: sometimes I just focus on my out-of-this-world feelings, sometimes I actually get to see my wife and don't have to fantasize, and sometimes I fantasize about the pictures or memories, but my absolutely best fantasies come from reading the male/female or female/male stories on this site and pretend it's happening to me.
Fantasies are better than pictures because pictures are detached from actual relationships. Seeing a pornographic picture is not particularly exciting because I don't know who she is and know that I will never have a relationship with her. Fantasies fall far short of seeing a real, live female right up close and touching her all over, feeling her hair and fuzzy crotch tickle my face, gliding my cheeks all over her back and buttocks and up and down her front side from soft breasts to smooth thighs, and stroking her all around her body with my hands feeling her firm shoulders and her soft sides, firm thighs and soft breasts, and touching the very delicate, moist surfaces all around inside her vaginal lips. I've never been involved in a sexual 'ensemble' to make beautiful music. Of the scores of music I've enjoyed making, I like duets the most, but fantasies will keep me excited when I'm making some great music solo. That's all the excitement you'll get from me this time, because I want to read somebody else's stories and tend to my urgent business! Thanks for asking, Barb!



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