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FastestGun in the West

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FastestGun in the West by Rick (cybrlore@teleport.com)
This page gets me really workedup! Especially reading what the women do. A lot of you womendescribe water in the bathtub. It works for men too! A favoriteis directing a pulsing stream of water at my groin and thenholding my cock up so that it hits right on that favorite spotunder the head. I can stand there and watch my cock go fromflaccid to rock hard and then just start oozing. All with in afew minutes. Its difficult to keep standing as my legs get soweak and shaky.

I wanted to describe the time Icame the fastest, in public no less. Sometimes I fantasize aboutbeing watched, and would love to be observed by a woman orseveral women, when I didn't know it. Maybe that will happen someday as I love to masturbate in the woods. Anyhow, I was about 28and my wife and I had not been having sex like usual and I washorny as could be. I needed some visual stimulation and decidedto stop in at a local strip bar. I do not normally go to theseplaces as it just serves to frustrate me all the more! I walkedin to the smokey dim lit room with the music pounding away. Iwalked up to the first stage I came to and stopped and stared.There was quite a crowd of men sitting or standing all entranced.On the stage floor was a very good looking woman on her knees.Her hands were sliding up and down her very shapely, very nudebody. Her nipples were erect, which turns me on very quickly (asif I needed help!) Then she did a most incredible thing. Sheleaned over and put her head down on the floor and startedraising her ass. Higher and higher. Soon she was standing on herhead! Once she was balanced, she started spreading her long,shapely legs. Wider and wider. I held my breath. She ended updoing the splits. I took short gasps of breath. Her pussy yawnedopen. All the men, including me leaned forward. Her love tunnelopened up and I could see right down inside her dark moist hole.This young woman knew what every man wants desperately to see andwas uninhibited in showing it all. One guy next to me swore andtold his buddy to "check that out!" I was shaking! Iwanted it sooo bad. I put my left hand in my pocket and rubbed mydick. It was not even erect as I had not had time to build up tothat. I felt my groin muscles twitch. Within seconds I felt awave of pleasure wash over me. I stared at this gorgeous woman'sspread legs and visualized us together. I started shooting myload! Right there standing in a crowd. I unloaded into myunderwear. The woman finally stood upright as if sensing I hadhad enough. I turned and walked back out the door and drove home.I had not been in there more than 2 minutes!

Keep up the great stories and ifany women want to hear some of my woods episodes or hot springstrips feel free to e-mail me.



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