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Fancy Dress

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I posted 'Janet' yesterday, regarding stockings & suspendersHere is another story.Each year we used to go to a fancy dress ball & won first prize a couple of years.We did on the year of this story as well.My X was of average size but with very big boobs.We have close friends that we knock about with & the lady was a top commissioner with the girl guides & was about the same size as me.So our idea for the fancy dress was that I borrow her uniform & my wife would squeeze herself into our son's cub jumper. He had just gone up to scouts & if it got a bit stretched then it did not matter. She got into it, just.Now my turn.The skirt & jacket where a good fit, but looked wrong with bare legs.If you read 'Janet' you will understand that she had stopped wearing pantyhose due to thrush.So I had no choice but to put on stockings & suspenders. With the skirt back on there was a manly bulge at the front. So it was off with the skirt & a rethink.I put on a pair of silky panties from my wife's selection & pulled the skirt back on. Perfection.That was until I walked down stairs. The skirt had a lining made from shiny material.Before I got to the bottom of the stairs, the silky friction between the stockings, the skirt & the panties was so exciting & soft that I got an enormous erection.This was very sensual but scary. We were going out dancing & the chance of this happening in public was scary! What could I do?Only one thing I could do. Go back to the bedroom, pull up the skirt, and lie on the bed & wank. I left the panties on & did it with my hand on the outside. I had a mind blowing cum. All this was inside the panties. So I had to change them & put on another pair.I put a spare pair into a pocket, as I was aware that my penis was still leaking juice.The taxi was waiting with our friends in it & Janet moaned me at.I passed this off by saying that a woman always takes ages to get ready.Off we went to the dance. All went well until about half way through, when the next dance was a 2lady's Excuse me' & I was pulled onto the dance floor.By the end of the dance I was rock hard again. I managed to get to the toilets before anyone noticed (except the lady I had been dancing with)I desperately needed another wank. So I did & put on the spare pair of pants. I binned the other pair & went back to the dance. I did not dance again that night, even refusing to do the last waltz with Janet. That caused a row the next morning!On the way home I could feel myself getting hard again & leaving our friends to carry on home in the taxi, I ran hunched up into the house.I was on the bed in seconds & wanking yet again. All 3 cums were mind-blowing that night.I have never worn stockings or a skirt since then, so it is not a fetish with me. Just the incredible friction between stockings, panties & the silky lining of the skirt.Next morning my friend's wife came for her uniform, needed for a parade the following day. So as the friends chatted, I went upstairs to get the uniform.I gave it a look over & looked inside the skirt & to my horror there were sperm stains everywhere.I crept down to the kitchen & raided the fridge for something creamy. I then put a big smear down the back of both the jacket & skirt. I claimed that I must have sat on a soiled chair as we ate our buffet.I then rushed to the express cleaners & delivered it to their house later in the day.I hope everyone enjoyed this true experience



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