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Extended Orgasm

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I'm getting better at it, and I love practicing!


So, I get out of work early on a Friday afternoon. I get some stuff done, then I got the house to myself. Looking forward to a great jerk off session...

BTW, I have been reading Solo Touch since the old proaxis days. My fave stories are about men and women who regularly do it for each other, uninhibited, and the stories about brothers and sisters doing it with each other.

I love to jerk to my fav porn. I got really specific tastes that fuel my jerk-off fantasies. So I'm looking at some of it, and at videos on line, on the commercial sites. Lying on the bed, laptop on my belly. My dick goes hard, then soft, then hard...I just play with it, not really trying to cum at all. I know I wanna cum hard, and I'm just edging.

This goes on maybe an hour and a half. I know I'm building up to a big cum. Finding great vids on one site of smooth guys cumming, and women masturbating...And each other doing it for each other (maybe my absolute favorite kind). I think a guy and gal doin' it for each other and cumming for each other is one of the sexiest freaking things there is.

I'm grooving on these vids, getting into the women cumming (gawd I luv that) and the guys spurting onto smooth bellies. Got the camera, wanna record myself jerking off to some excellent porn like that.

Then I stumble on a vid that closely depicts one of my all-time favorite fantasies. The fantasy is two long-hair guys fucking while a chick watches them, she masturbates, and she cums watching them. Well, the vid showed two short-haired guys, and one of them is fingering this girl with a really hot body (flat tits, short strawberry blonde hair, really cute), and she cums nicely. Close enough! Man, I thought, I have found the holy grail...I have GOT to cum to this.

I hunt around, still stroking to other vids, thinking maybe I'll cum to them, but then I finally come back to that one video. Get the camera out, start filming...I feel hot, like I know a great cum is imminent...

I have been practicing extended orgasms, or having second/third orgasms without actually spurting. I have found it takes a great deal of concentration and really good porn. Its simple: when I get to the point of no return, I just stop stroking, concentrate on the sensation, get into it, really revel in it, but since I stopped stroking, I can stop the spurt - but still feel the orgasm. I will then leak some cum, and it just oozes out a little. I can maybe do this one more time, before I just get too turned on, and make myself cum.

This time was different. I cued up that new favorite video, and found the point that I wanted to cum to. The camera batteries had by this time died, but I didn't care. I was too hot to care. I start stroking hard to get to the brink...I get there...recue the video to just before he woman starts to cum...timing it perfectly...I feel the cum coming on. I get these incredible pulses in my dick of an orgasm, but they're reaaaaaaaal slow, and this is going on for maybe 10-15 seconds, and maybe five seconds in I start leaking, oozing just a little cum....And I'm thinking this is so fucking hot, I think, man this is incredible, I know its blowing my mind...and it keeps pulsing and I'm cumming without squirting, to this incredibly cute chick cumming too, watching two guys fuck.

Then I'm cumming stronger, and maybe 3-4 substantial oozes of cum come out, mmmmmmmm.....It is feeling GREAT, I'm thinking this is the cum...But THEN holy mother shit it my dick grows big and fat and I cum UNH big gobs of sperm and jism come out, and I cum like crazy hard.

Holy shit, I think, what a cum. Wow. Of course I'm hard now, writing about, so here we go again...Wish me luck!



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