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Exposing Myself

Posted by: Age: 18 Posted on: 10 comments
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I just decided to go for it.


Only a week to go before end of term. I wanted to do something naughty. Last night, I was forced to listen to the girl next door masturbating. I know she doesnít have a partner, but her bed is long way against the partition wall right next to mine, and the wall is so thin if you lean on it it bends!

I could hear her about 1:00 in the morning just talking dirty to herself and when she came it was in a series of moans. I love dirty words. Just saying them to myself is horny, but if Iím making love and my boyfriend says something dirty to me, it blows my mind.

So this morning, despite it being cold, itís warm enough in the library, so I wore a mid thigh dress.....and just a small pair of panties underneath. 

I picked a corner that doesnít have security cameras and just waited. A guy came to use a study cell and if he looked up he could see me. I lifted a foot onto my chair which gave him a look right up to my crotch. It wasnít long before I wished I wasnít wearing panties. 

He left, but I noticed a bulge in his pants. Next came a girl. I donít know her, but she was really pretty. I did the leg thing again, making sure she could see the crotch of my now rapidly dampening underwear. Then I decided I needed a little scratch. I let my hand go between my legs and just ran my fingers lightly over my pussy. 

She didnít move, nor did she look away. All the time I got hornier and hornier. A trip to the lavatory revealed just how wet I was. On the spur of the moment, I decided to take my panties off. 

Back at my chair, I picked up the book again and pretended to read it. Then I lifted my foot up n the chair again. My mouth was dry with excitement and my heart was racing. This is the first time I have ever done anything like this.

She sat where she was just looking at my pussy. I wanted to do something really daring, so I touched myself again. It wasnít masturbation really, just a little touch, but oh, the thrill of it was immense. 

She smiled and turned her chair 90 degrees to face me. Then she played me at my own game, pretending to read, but spreading her legs wide. I saw her dark purple panties. 

I just touched myself again as she lightly stroked over her panties. I felt an orgasm coming, but I couldnít cum here.....could I? 

In the end I didnít have a choice. I touched myself one time too many and cummed onto the chair. I donít know if she did or not, but she could see how hot and flushed I was.

Lastly, Iíve been having some really dirty dreams in the last few nights. Not just about fucking or masturbating, but other things too....like being used as a sex object by a group of people, and of course, actually doing it with a girl, although I donít know how I can make that happen. 

The weirdest dream though is the strangest. Iíve been dreaming about wetting myself. I canít think why that should be sexy, and I donít know anyone who has done it...not on purpose anyway, but the thought of doing it into my panties on purpose just wonít leave me. 

It seems like just lately Iím really finding sex a focus. I feel so randy all the time, and I feel like doing really horny things....well maybe just things I find horny. Probably theyíll bore everyone else silly. 

I want to cum in a swimming pool with people all around me. I want to cum in utter silence right in the middle of a lecture. I want to see what Iíd do if a girl came on to me. I donít know if Iíd do the full lesbian porn thing, but a kiss and cuddle, and maybe some fingering....yeah....I can see that. Sometimes I think of fucking an older man....my older sister has done that. Geez...whatís happening to me?




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