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A girl's sex is hidden away, not thrusting and visible like a man's. So, exposing it is an erotic act in itself.  Even when clothed. For me, anyway, I find that if I spread my legs wide, just having that thin piece of cotton being the only thing between my sex and the world is incredibly horny! Which brought back a memory, and triggered a fabulous masturbation session. 


Some of us at school used to deliberately flash our panties at the staff. We had three monks, about fifteen nuns, and some lay teachers too. 

Once we started to get told off about the way we were sitting, we realised that something was going on on a much deeper level. All it took was a sleepover to talk it through and come up with a plan. 

The discussion was about just why they were uncomfortable about seeing out panties. (At the time, there was a girl from England in our group, and she called them her ‘knickers’. I kinda liked thatnexpression). 

Gillian (the English girl) said “Well. I think it’s because they can almost see our cunts.” No one had ever used the C word before, and it felt real daring and horny. 

We talked about that, especially the monks who (supposedly) have NEVER seen one, or touched one in their lives. Then again, Gillian said “hmm. Maybe not just the monks. What about the sisters? I’m sure more than one of them is a lesbian. What about if sister Ann (short for Sister Anastasia....she was far an away the youngest nun we had. I guess she must have only been in her late 20s maybe). “She’s always looking up our skirts, but she never says a word.”

So, evil little bitches that we were, we decided to test the theory. We would sit around on the school field, on hall floors, on desks, exposing our crotches. For me, that felt really horny. I knew I was wetting up, and I knew that, on some of the colours of panties I wore, it was visible as hell. 

There were regulation school underwear. Fucking huge panties that came up to our waist. Ugh! But heaven help any girl who wore anything skimpy! 

So, I, like my friends, would sit like that and just watch what happened. Sometimes, I would see Sister Ann watching,...and watching...and watching. I swear, once or twice, I saw little bumps in her habit where her nipples would have been. I know she blushed. Against her white wimple, rosy red cheeks really stand out! 

Then there was Brother Simon. Again, younger than the others. He would position himself so he could look, while appearing not to look. I loved the feeling of his eyes on my panty crotch. I loved knowing that, as Gillian would have said “My open, wet cunt” was just underneath.


Present day. I’m lying on my back on my bed. I’m fully clothed, having dressed up for this specially. I’m in my school skirt and a white blouse. Underneath, I’m wearing a pair of green cotton panties, but no bra. Just like I usually was dressed at school.

im running a scenario in my head. My knees are up, my feet placed wide on the bed. The material of my panties is stretched hard against my....(Yes, let’s be Gillian) my cunt. 

Both Brother Simon and Sister Anastasia are looking at me. I make no move to protect my modesty, yet their gazes are making me wet. They both walk towards me. Sistaer Anastasia tells me that young ladies don’t sit like that, that it’s indecent, immoral, and leads to sin. ( sex and sin. How to sum up the Catholic Church in two words.) Brother Simon says “But, Sister, Maybe that’s what she wants. Maybe she knows exactly what she is doing and......maybe.....maybe she likes it.” Sister Anastasia smiles, showing her perfect teeth, “Yes, Brother. Maybe she does. Shall we find out?” 

She reaches forward and touches my crotch, making me suck in air. “Well, Brother. She certainly is very warm down there....and wet. Do you agree?” Brother Simon touches me. His touch is more confident, rougher, than Sister’s. “Oh yes. I should say she is already having dirty thoughts. I wonder, should we?” Sister Anastasia ponders a moment, “Do you know, I rather think we should.”

im lying flat on my back on my bed, imagining I’m on a school playing field. I can feel the cool grass on my back. Sister Anastasia stands over my head, flicking up her habit to cover me and hide my view of the world. As my eyes adjust to the light, I see she is naked under her habit. Naked, and shaved smooth. I can smell her. The scent of her sex is tantalising. I have an instant vision of her alone in her cell at night, her legs spread, masturbating furiously and silently about images of the girls she has seen at school. 

Brother Simon is busy. I feel his fingers touching me over my panties, then he pulls them aside and a long, sensuous finger enters me. I gasp, but all this does is make me inhale more of Sister Anastasia’s scent. I look up at her perfect cunt and long to lick her. 

Brother Simon withdraws his finger, and kneels between my legs. Surely, he wouldn’t fuck me? Not here. Not on the field? I feel him fiddling with his habit, and then there is a sharp pain. He has broken my cherry. The pain is momentary, but exquisite. Again I gasp. I feel stretched, almost splitting apart, but oh, the feeling of fullness....of accepting his dick.

As Brother Simon settles into a rhythm, Sister Anastasia kneels with one knee each side of me. Finally, finally her cunt is over my mouth. She is so wet. I tongue her eagerly and her her own gasp of pleasure. I suck avidly, swallowing her wetness. 

(Meanwhile, on my bed, my dildo is inside me, fucking me relentlessely)

I imagine this monk, I wonder how many of us he has used like this. Do they talk about it in the monastery, I Wonder? Do they compare tightness? Which of us is a good fuck? I am determined I will be a good fuck. I begin to squeeze my pelvic floor muscles, as I know this makes me grip his dick, but also makes my cervix dance. (Something my girlfriend has only recently taught me). 

Sister Anastasia is panting. I have a sudden overwhelming desire. I want her to pee on my face. I want it,to run down, into the hollow of my neck, I want that scent mixed with her cunt. 

Sister Anastasia begins to cum. I can feel it on my tongue embedded inside her. I feel every contraction, every single convulsion. I hear her moan and swear “Fuck....ohhh fuck.....fuck....fuck....” And then, it happens. A stream falls over my ching and onto my neck. I am getting my wish. 

Meanwhile, Brother Simon is speeding up. He is banging against me now, the roughness of his habit scratching at my soft lips and erect clit. I’m not on birth control. What if he cums inside me? 

Then I realise that’s what i want more than anything. He rams me hard and holds perfectly still. I feel hismdick jerk spasmodically, and I have a mental image of his sperm pumping up into my womb. 

(I hold the dildo deep inside me, tapping the end with a finger as I mimic Brother Simon ejaculating inside me.....and I cum with him. Wave after wave of sheer pleasure washes over me. I feel sexy, dirty, whore-like.)

My girlfriend, who has been filming everything looks at me flushed and with moist eyes. “We’ve got to get me a nuns habit” she smiles excitedly. 



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