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A few years back I was partying with a few friends, both guys and girls, at my friend Laura's house. Her parents went away for the weekend and left her to watch the house. The party was pretty good and eventually came to an end. Everyone left except for me and Laura's best friend Kate. I always liked Kate and I sensed she kind of liked me. She had just broken up with her boyfriend three weeks earlier and Laura was teasing both of us since we were single. Laura was too so I didn't understand why she was teasing but it was all in fun. She was saying things like why don't you and Kate help each other out, she's always saying how horny she is and how much she needs laid and I know you probably stroke your cock daily Sam, you probably walk around with a stiff cock all day.

Well it wasn't true, it wasn't everyday, but most, including right then and there. Then she said Kate, I know you do, you told me about your favorite vibrator. Kate's eyes about bugged out of her head but she managed to tease Laura back about her masturbation habits saying stuff like you told me about your favorite one too Laura. Laura said I know, we all beat off, right Sam. My dick was hard as a rock as Laura reached over to grab it. Wow, she said, as Kate then said what and reached over too. Damn you're hard Sam, why don't you go take care of that. I didn't mess around and figured I'd give them a surprise. I whipped it out right there. They weren't expecting it, and after the initial shock, started groping and pumping me for all I was worth. Ohh, Ahh, it felt so good, I needed to get off bad. Kate unzipped her jeans and dropped them to the floor, she began to masturbate right there and my dick seemed to harden even more, I could feel it pulse.

I groped Laura's breasts and Kate followed as Laura let out a few moans. After a few minutes Kate shuddered and let out a howl and shook. It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen. I was about to explode and told the girls I hadn't jacked off for a couple days, this could get messy. They both blurted out bullshit, let's see. I stood up off the bed and stroked harder, cocked my head and closed my eyes for a couple strokes, then opened them when I could feel the jizz rising to the top. I looked as their eyes were locked in on my stiff cock. Oh shit, here it comes, splash. I let about four solid ropes fly, the first hitting Kate to the right of her right eye and in her hair, the next hit Laura in the nose and the other two weren't as powerful. We stopped for a second and then we worked on Laura. She came pretty hard. Kate and I ended up dating for awhile and now we're engaged but I'll never forget that night and Laura still brings it up from time to time.



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