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 Boys, they say, will be boys. 

I have two older sisters, and a friend from school who showed me hers, so-to-speak, and I was girl crazy. Tits, bums, panties, I’d lose no opportunity to stare and file images away for use later, and (much to my shame) I even began to use my sister Jessica’s panties when I discovered what I called ‘girl scent’. (Yes I know…..but it happened…so….) 


I was an avid masturbater, and loved every minute of it, even going so far as to learn how to get myself off in class. All I needed were desks in rows and a disinterested teacher who made us sit and read for the hour. (You take the back left desk as you walk in (if you’re right handed). Then you let the class settle down to the hour’s reading (which felt like a month). Then it’s a simple matter to unzip under the desk and do what you need to do - even better if there’s a girl sitting on the desk in front and you can see her knees! 



So, can someone explain why I suddenly developed a crush on a boy called Allan? We were already friends, and had similar interests, but this went way above that. One day, and right out of the blue, he told me he’d ’fooled around’ with another boy. Of course I wanted the details, but all he said, with a shrug, was “One of you plays dead, the other plays alive.” 



It was like pulling teeth, but in the end I got the facts. Basically this other unnamed boy and Allan had taken their clothes off, the other boy simply lay down and let Allan masturbate him to orgasm, then they swapped over. “At the time, he could shoot, but I couldn’t. (We called ejaculation ‘shooting’) 



Well, sex is sex, right? I was hard and would have liked to have done the same thing right there and then, but it would be a few days later when it happened. 



There’s an old ruined castle near here popular with boys for exploring. Allan and I were up there and had climbed to its highest point, an old tower overlooking the fields beyond. The tower was of stone of course, and was baking warm in the hot sun. Since we were only wearing shorts anyway, I chanced my luck. “Wanna play dead and alive?” For a moment, I thought he’d say no, but after a second or two he simply reached for his button and zipper. 



He looked gorgeous naked, and he lay down on a grassy patch and I lay next to him. For a while we just hugged and stroked one another’s backs…naturally we were both rock solid, so our cocks touched….sending little electric shocks through both of us. 



Then, I felt him guide my hand to his cock and started me wanking him. It felt really…I don’t know….special…a position of trust….to have another cock in my hand. He started oozing precum very quickly, and I was fascinated. Soo much so, my head was now on his lower chest staring at what I was making happen. And suddenly, as much of a surprise to him as to me, he shot a powerful jet of cum….right onto my face. I got my first taste of semen there and then….and it wasn’t too bad. It was his first ever full-on ejaculation, and he told me he hadn’t jacked off for a week. I guess he was good and ready.



Then, he went to work on me…and boy, I was already close. After a few tugs, he simply….um….went down on me. He didn’t ask…didn’t tell me what he was doing. He just sucked me off. I lasted seconds, as you can imagine. While I was still getting used to the taste of his semen (which, by the way, tasted way better than my own which I’d tried in a moment of madness) he simply swallowed mine. 



Allan and I ‘fooled around' for the next month or so - right through the summer holidays, anyway. We had a one-word code that we’d say to one another. “Shoot?” We could make it sound like a question or a curse. ‘Oh Shoot!” So no-one twigged what we meant. Sometimes we’d just jack one another off, but sometimes more. I went down on him and he’d do the same for me. A few times, when one of our homes was empty of everyone else, we’d use one of our bedrooms, get naked and pretend to fuck. Oh, we never came close to full-on anal…of course we didn’t. But now and then we’d rub ourselves between the cheeks of each others’ bums and shoot on their backs….and  a couple of times, it was face-to-face, even with a little kissing, and cumming on each others stomachs.



Allan too had a 16 year old sister, and I was fascinated by ‘girl scent’ which I mentioned to Allan. Twice he told me to ‘just wait’, and came back wearing a pair of his sister’s worn panties. I would snuffle around his balls, inhaling a scent that was like my sister’s yet different. Allan liked being feminised, and had a special girls name he liked being called, a permutation of his middle name, Jack. So when he was in panties, he became “Jackie”. 



That summer seemed to fly by. We enlarged our sexual repertoire to include a little anal fingering - Allan had discovered this and adored it. I let him finger me because it obviously gave him immense pleasure, and he said he liked feeling the contractions there when I came. Once, and only once, he got all his finger in and the orgasm was like a bomb going off. I know now he’d found my prostate, but at the time, it scared me because I thought I was ‘turning gay’. (What a moron). I, however, equated the feelings I got when fingering him, with those I got fingering my friend from Art Club when she came. Same contractions, different hole. Much, much later in life I discovered anal sex with girls, and that fingering their assholes feels really good (for some). 



It ended as rapidly as it started. One day he said “Oh shoot!” as usual, and we both looked at one another and I think in that one moment, that one look, we both knew it was done. I smiled and said “Nah”, and he returned the smile and simply said “Ok”. Neither of us ever asked the other again. 



My first fascination was always girls, and Allan’s, unsurprisingly, was boys. I still see him from time to time. He’s openly gay now and living happily with his boyfriend. We nod to one another in the street, but that's the limit of our contact. 



Do I miss it? I look back on what happened, and I love the innocence of it. I love the exploration. Allan worked out, partly through that, that he was gay. I liked the sexual release it gave, but equally, I worked out that I wasn’t. Am I bi-sexual though? Possibly a small part of me, but if so, it’s dormant. 




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