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Experimenting Teens

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Wish this site existed 20 years ago!


I have many stories to share but will start at the beginning. I had been friends with Mark since pre school. We had numerous sleepovers over the years. We had been naked in front of each other for years I was at his summer home the summer of seventh grade. Puberty had set in and I was very curious to see how I compared to other boys my age. I snuck a peek when we were changing and saw some slight development..similar to mine. That night we were sleeping in a double bed. Mark asked me if I had any 'hair' I said a little and he asked if he could see it. I was excited to talk about this and immediately became hard. I showed him what I had and he didn't comment on my raging hard on. He showed me his 'development' also sporting an erection.

We talked a bit more taking turns looking at each other becoming more comfortable with our nudity and the subject matter.

The next day we went swimming in the lake. We dared each other to take off our suits. We pretended not to believe each other and had to 'check' by grabbing each others packages. As awkward teens we turned it into a game and kept it up until we started to wrestle in the water naked. It felt great to be in the water naked and it felt good to have someone touch my hard penis and testicles. I had never been touched before. I think because we were 'wrestling' we convinced each other it was 'OK' to touch each other. His mom eventually came out and asked us what we were doing...to this day I am not sure if she saw us naked.

The second night we got into bed and started talking about our penises and the topic of masturbation came up. We both knew how to do it for reasons I can't expand on but we both pretended to be naive about it all. We agreed to try it and pulled down our pants. There had been all sorts of fondling and stroking during the wrestling match earlier and we both were anxious to do more although we just couldn't be direct. We stroked ourselves in front of each other for a while until Mark asked me if I wanted him to touch me. I said sure. He began to fondle my balls and stroke my penis. It was one of the most incredible feelings I have ever experienced in my life. For the record I am very straight, now married with several kids but at that time in my life the sexual anxiousness and uncontrollable hormones made that moment something to remember. We took turns doing this for at least two hours. Neither one of us came that night. We obviously enjoyed it but still had boundaries. Like I said earlier...if I had read stories like this at that time I would not have been so conservative. It was fun but also a little confusing...wondering if what we were doing was 'gay'

I left the next day but that weekend marked the beginning of many experiences. I remember on more than one occasion being at his house before his mom got home from work. We would strip completely naked and lay on his couch in his room just exploring each others cocks and balls. These activities lasted for about two years until Mark got a girlfriend. I would guess we did this at least 50 times during the seventh and eighth grade.

Later in high school probably two to three years since we had done anything a friend of ours invited a bunch of us to his camp in the mountains. Mark and I innocently ended up in the same bed. I really had not thought about anything potentially happening even as I realized we would be sleeping in the same bed. Those days were long gone. But as I lay there I became aroused thinking about our middle school days. Everyone was asleep and I wasn't even sure if Mark was or not but I pretended to accidentally place my hand near his package. My hand was resting on his upper thigh and I fetl him shift so he was now lying sideways. I wasn't sure if that was a sigal but I took it as one and slid my hand down his boxers. He was not hard at all that led me to believe that he was asleep but he immediately got hard in my hand. It was a really cool to feel someone go from completely soft to hard within seconds. I began to stroke his cock and eventually we had our clothes off and stroked each others now large adult cocks. We both shot big loads that night.

I look back on those years and I still get aroused. At times I will masturbate to the memories and I often wonder if he does as well. I eventually told my wife one night and she was completely turned on. She has on a few occasions asked me to tell stories from those days. I wish I had been more comfortable to experience more. I now realize it was just two teen boys being sexually expressive. To be touched and to touch was a learning experience for me. I have never had the desire to be with a man but I am pretty sure I would experiment with Mark if the opportunity presented itself. Hope you enjoyed hearing about my experiences. It was exciting to write about them.



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