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Erotic Massage

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I have been exraordinarily horny lately -- must be the season or something. I masturbated every day this week for what seemed like hours. Today I wanted to be touched by a man. I found a black guy on the net that offered full body massages. I called and asked if he did sensual massages. He said yes and I made an appointment.

I dressed provacatively but covered up with a coat so it would not be obvious. When I got there I was a bit disappointed by the guy as he was kinda small and we've all heard about Black men's cocks :) Anyway he started massaging me and just when I thought the erotic part was going to start, I heard someone inserting a key into the lock! I quickly covered up and it turns out this guy's neice came home from school. He was surprised too and said she told him she was going to the library. Anyway, it kind of wrecked the mood and I was saddened by that but we continued. As his hand massaged my thighs and got close to my pussy, I couldn't take it. I finally asked if he would touch me there. He did so immediately. I was dripping I was so wet! He rubbed my slit in massaging motions and then started finger fucking me -- a bit too hard really, but it felt pretty good. I had to ask him to stop after a bit as he was rough. I wished he touched my boobs and played with my nipples but he didn't. Kind of inexperienced and I could tell, just into my pussy and no more. He whispered, "what I would do if Nicole wasn't here..." I once had an amazing erotic massge with a guy that had to be God's gift to women with his expert hands and pointed tongue action. It was his manipulations of my body that nearly had me squirting == something I have never done. I can't believe I spent the afternoon being touched and now I still want to masturbate.

I wonder if other people go through these spells where they just can't get enough.



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