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ER Confessions...

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What I thought was only a trip to the ER turned one of my biggest fears into one of my biggest kinks, making someone really happy in the process.


It all started with an unfortunate turn of events, long-story-short, I got this nasty kidney infection and I was urinating blood and had a fever, so I went to the ER and after being processed and sifted through countless bureaucratic filters, I was left under observation, with an IV of saline and antibiotics and a horrendous hospital gown. This was my first time in a hospital and ALSO my first time without proper clothing in public. I'm shy so I was kinda panicking internally despite my calm demeanor. And that wasn't even the worst part! For everyone who knows me well-ish, they know I am an effervescent, kinetic person. I need to be in constant motion, always doing something, always talking to someone. I couldn't talk to the nurses, I couldn't talk to the other patients 'cause I got a cubicle all for myself. I felt crippled to say the least. Now, I know what you're thinking. Privacy! Right? Maybe rub a quick one? Unfortunately, I was surrounded by people left and right, the curtain wasn't working and I was in full view of the nurse desk and in full view of... well... Another patient's bed. Some girl in her late teens. Not older than 18. Too young to be my type, yet right there, studying my every move, staring. I'm really shy about my own nudity and basically all sexual matters in general and seeing this girl checking me out LIKE THAT really put me on edge. I normally don't mind girls checking me out at the club or in the street, but back then being masturbatory fodder for someone else was unsettling.

After the first 2 hours the unease slowly began to numb down. Soon I forgot she was even there if not for the occasional glance to see if she was still there.

So there was I, getting comfortable in my own skin when the first round of doctors came by to inspect. I watched the doctor look at the chart, read the patient info and proceed to tell me to expose my genital area as he whispered a quick overview to the interns; 2 guys and 3 amazingly hot girls. Seriously, these women could've very well chose to be models instead of doctors, yet there they were, staring at my junk. I asked the doctor to please close the curtain or at least stand in the way for crap's sake! But he simply wasn't having it. "Well? Go on! We haven't got all day!" - he frowned, getting impatient -  This was my worst nightmare! I watch the doctors' faces meticulously study my penis, they look for spots and irregularities to rule out an STD, which they do. Yet they were taking their sweet time and the longer they looked the more stressed I got. I couldn't bear to look at their faces anymore, so I started to look around when... I see ER girl oggling. Wide eyes. Mouth hanging open."Oh. My. God!" - I thought. This can't possibly get any worse!

Finally doctor exhibitionism and his crew decide to let me cover myself and fuck off. At this point I am about to have an aneurysm from embarrassment. My face was flushed red, I felt the heat radiating to my entire body. I look up to see if ER girl is still watching and low and behold, I see her trying to close her curtain, which much like mine was not really working. She looks at me and we briefly exchange smiles and I see her lie on her side, cover herself with a blanket and "fall asleep". Except I could totally see her body rocking back and forth, rhythmically, swaying until a violent spasm shook it. She tried to play it off as if she was changing positions, but it was quite obvious she just had an orgasm. I must admit that I felt flattered. Someone masturbating to me was definitely arousing. The more I thought about it, the more arousing the thought was. Until that moment I didn't think about just how arousing female masturbation really is! As I lied there, pondering over this and other things, I saw the doctor possy approaching. "Oh fuck!" I had a chubby! "QUICK!!" - I thought - "I must get rid of it!". I quickly remembered that relaxing and flexing muscles drove blood away from an erection and that's exactly what I did as I watched doctors visit other cubicles until they reached mine. Same procedure. I saw ER girl getting comfortable, slipping her hand under the blanket and bite her lip as the doctors made me give her a show. This time I saw the blankets move vigorously. It took all the might in the world not to bust a boner in their face as they handled my member and stared at it.

So this happened quite a few times with different teams of interns and doctors and every time ER girl would have a "nap" or one or both of her hands would disappear under the blankets. What once was the most embarrassing thing in the world was now super arousing!

Finally, night came. The doctors went home and the patients were fast asleep. Only a few nurses were around, snoozing on the job, waiting for the occasional alarm or late night patient. Only ER girl and I were awake. Across from each other. I watched her occasionally touch and massage herself as she pretended to be "restless" between quick glances. Due to my fever I wasn't allowed to have a blanket, so all that stood between me and ER girl was this semi-transparent, fakakta hospital gown. One of the fasteners was broken and it was 2 sizes too small for me, so I had spent the majority of that day trying NOT to flash anyone, at that point I just went "To hell with it!" and simply moved about, providing ER girl with the occasional gratuitous flash as I watched her blatantly go to town several times between glances. I am not sure if she was aware I was giving her a show, but I made it all look accidental. Eventually I ended up pitching a tent and since my penis is not what you'd call small (7.5 inches, fully erect, not easy to hide), I had to adopt a fetal position to conceal the raging boner... I stroked a few times, but decided not to play since the traffic around me and the lack of a blanket still made things risky.

Next day was uneventful, this time I witnessed ER girl get the constant visits from doctors, she didn't have to show them anything, but they kept her busy for the majority of the time until I was discharged. The nurse told me I could go change to the bathroom but I felt like the whole hospital had already seen my junk so I ended up giving ER girl one last show as I slowly got dressed, nonchalantly facing her cubicle. Yup... she went for another quick round while I was getting ready. As she lied there, trying to mask her post-orgasmic panting, I smiled and winked at her. She bit her lip and gave me a look I'll never forget. That was the last time I saw her. The whole thing stayed in ER, but the kink forever stayed with me.








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