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Enjoying Masturbation

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I am 69 years old and my wife is 67


I started masturbating when I was 13 years old and did it regular until I was around 18. It was about that time that I started dating the girl who was to be my future wife. She was determined to remain a virgin until we married, something that is probably unheard of this day and time.

We dated for two years and although we did not have intercourse, we spent a lot of time masturbating each other. Finally we were married and for the next several years we spent all of our time with intercourse and oral. Over the years we have gradually returned to masturbation.

If you have never sat in bed with your wife totally naked and watched her slide a big vibrator or rubber dick in and out of her pussy as she moans and groans, you don't know what you are missing. This is what happened this morning before we got out of bed.

First of all my wife and I both could pass for someone in their mid to late 50's. No one thinks we are as old as we are. We were already naked because we sleep naked. I first saw my wife's pussy over 50 years ago and I am still as fascinated with it today as I was then. She is five-six and weighs 135 pounds and has black hair. She wears a 38D bra. Nice tits. Her pubic region is covered with more than a generous amount of black pussy hair. In other words, she is hairy and I love it. We started kissing as soon as we were in bed. I worked my way down to her hard nipples and sucked her tits for a while. She does not get turned on as much from me sucking her tits as she used to but I do. Before I stopped sucking her tits I had two fingers buried in her pussy. By the time I stopped my dick was rock hard.

Then I sat between her legs and watched as she took her pink vibrator out. It's curved so that she can insert one end into her vagina and the other end will touch her clit. The end that goes into her vagina is about eight inches long and is large enough to fill her pussy pretty good. She can lay there and have the feel of something inside her pussy vibrating while the other end touches her clit. While she is enjoying that I am also helping her out. Sometimes I will hold the vibrator for her. Sometimes I will suck her tits while she is enjoying the vibrator. I have also been know to stick my finger in my mouth and get it wet and ease it into her asshole. She likes that also. It doesn't take long until my wife's ass if bouncing off the bed. She has strong orgasms, at least the first two or three, but then they get milder. She normally has five to sex orgasms before she is ready to stop. I like to be down there when she pulls the vibrator out of her pussy because when she does there is a large amount of clear thick cum that flows out. I love taking that and use it to lubricate my dick. After she calms down from her orgasms she then starts working on me. She takes my dick which is more than hard by that point and starts slowly easing her hand up and down my slick dick. She uses her other hand to massage my balls. Usually when I get close to cumming she will stick her finger in her vagina and get it really wet and then ease it in my asshole and massage my prostate. I don't shoot as much cum as I used to but I still shoot and it still feels just as good as ever. After I cum we both lay there, facing each other, pressing our bodies together, holding each other in our arms. Cum is still leaking out of my dick and getting on her legs and I have my hand between her legs catching her dripping pussy juice and rubbing it on my body or on my face or licking if off my hands.

Several years ago when my wife and I were in our early 40's she decided one night that she wanted to see how many orgasms she could have. We spent about two hours in bed that night playing. She ended up having 12 orgasms that night. She finally had to stop because she said her clit was too tender and was starting to hurt when she touched it. Her entire body was covered with sweat and there is no telling how much pussy juice that had run out of her vagina. She was sitting on a towel and it was soaked. Her black pussy hair was completely matted with her slick juice and she was wet from her navel to past her asshole, and her legs were wet half way down to her knees.

For some reason we are both more horny in the mornings than we are at night when we go to bed. Some mornings we will have intercourse but we enjoy masturation more and more as we get older. In the almost 50 years that my wife and I have been married she has never said no to sex, never. She has always been ready when I was. She has always been open to trying new things. When it comes to sex, I have found nothing that she does not like or is willing to do. You name it and she will do it and do it anytime I want. I am one lucky man to have such a hot wife like her.



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