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Enjoy Distractions

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Too often people are frustrated by delays of any kind which interrupt the immediate activity, whether having to stop for a stoplight or answering the telephone. It's been said that 'the outcome is worth the trip' and also 'the longest way home is the sweetest way home!' So, instead of being frustrated when interruptions cause delays on your way to orgasm, welcome interruptions and distractions of any kind because it simply means that you can enjoy the trip that much longer! Start squeezing your PC muscles at stoplights and continue while driving in anticipation of better orgasms next time. Now if the distraction is of such nature that your arousal is completely diminished and you have to start all over, that still is not reason to begrudge the interruption. I means that you can buildup again. You're not a loser, but a winner!The only time to begrudge an interruption is when you're in the middle of intercourse and you decide to answer the doorbell or the telephone and while you're gone, your spouse says, 'To heck with it!' and leaves the site of excitement. Then maybe it's your fault for going to answer the doorbell or the telephone, not your partner's fault for leaving. Remember, you left first. Consider in advance whether it is worth the interruption if your partner leaves to become involved in some other activity instead of finishing the arousal you were both experiencing before being interrupted. If not, then don't answer the doorbell or the telephone next time. Plan ahead and make your refusal to be interrupted an intentional action.I enjoy distractions! I not only welcome them, I often plan some! I first got interested in distractions when we first got a small computer a decade ago. If/when my spouse went to bed early or without saying 'Good night' to me, when I was done with my project and had a hunch that she was already asleep, I'd pull out my manhood and pull up a computer game and start playing. Concentrating on a game and playing it with one hand allowed me to spend considerably more time fingering my genitals than if only concentrating on building up to an orgasm! In fact, I even learned that I could prolong my buildup if I typed a friendly letter with one hand while fingering my genitals with the other. See my article 'Journaling for Human Sexuality Class' that was posted April 1. Most of the letters to my 'long lost cousin' were typed with one hand.By typing or playing a game with one hand, the other is free to play. Whether sub-consciously or un-consciously the mind is involved in playing with your 'favorite toys,' my/your genitals know they are receiving attention and respond! It just takes longer! And that's what I love about distractions! Taking longer means that my favorite body parts get more attention than when I simply rush to orgasm! My brother-in-law has a phrase he uses occasionally about 'postponement of gratification.' However, I doubt that he is referring to delaying orgasm. He is probably referring to postponing whatever he wants to do (such as eating) for hours or (camping) for several days or weeks.When I refer to delaying orgasm by planning distractions, I don't mean hours or days or weeks! I just mean delay for some time as long as I can stand it to hold out before pumping to orgasm! I've found that delaying orgasm enhances it several ways: (1) the anticipation builds deliciously until it becomes unbearable, (2) the orgasm is more powerful as it explodes throughout my body from my lower body clear up to the top of my brain, (3) the ejaculation spurts further, and (4) my ejaculate tastes sweeter! Any one of these is reason to delay orgasm, and the sum total of all 4 makes delaying orgasm a true delight!When typing the fantasy for Professor Barb's Final Party for her Human Sexuality class which I entitled 'Getting Creamed, Sexuality Final Party' that was posted April 21, the first 3 times my computer modem disconnected, twice on April 14 and once on April 16! Then I wrote to our webmaster a comment posted under Solo on April 19, and he replied to compose it in Word and then copy it. So I did. I typed it all over again (4th time) in Word and then copied it. When I finally got it submitted successfully a week later on April 21, guess what! I had the most explosive internal thrills from my crotch to my brain that I have ever experienced! I felt the explosion begin to cook in my lower abdomen and I thought an ejaculation was imminent, but it surprised me and held off! The explosive feelings kept getting better and better as they thrust slowly upward through my waist and on up into my chest cavity! The explosive feeling moved up through my neck and jaw and surrounded the center part of my head involving my lips, nose, eyes, and ears! When the explosion finally hit my brain, my ejaculation occurred simultaneously! Now that's what I call complete body involvement! I don't remember if an orgasm has even been that dramatic for me before in over 50 years since I first learned how to pleasure myself! Wow! Oh, WOW! I wish Professor Barb and you all had been here to witness my fantastic orgasm! It was the best one of my life, and I'm 62!I keep getting mail from some group out of state that sells info for enhancing sex. In their most recent mailing, they talk about sex labs! I wish I knew of a sex lab in this area as much as I wish I knew about a Human Sexuality class in this area! Not only would the sex lab teach about sexual responses and observe the sexual responses as an educational process, they would study the sexual responses with the intent of lumping the information (like Professor B's students) and filing it as part of the survey to be published for public consumption! This means that sexual buildup as well as the orgasm would be documented vividly in graphic detail! Not only would the orgasms be planned with the intention of observing them occur, orgasms would be repeated again and again and again by many different subjects in a lab setting prepared specifically for research purposes, possibly even with a viewing room beyond the immediate observers who are close enough to the subject for 'hands on' encouragement and feeling the ripples of excitement! Can you begin to imagine the buildup the researchers would be feeling in their genitals and in their minds as they observe very intimately all the changes in the subject's body as they occur, one subject after another, day after day, week after week! Oh, yes, I'd like to participate, but don't know where to go!Professor B., I think you could add a class and call it Human Sexuality Research! Just count me in on every class you teach from Intro to Human Sexuality, to Exploring Human Sexuality, to Experiencing Human Sexuality (suggested March 19 entitled 'Applauding Human Sexuality Professor'), to Experimenting with Human Sexuality, involving a number of different techniques and tools and lots of different subjects/students!Meanwhile I've been playing with my shaft intermittently while composing and stopping to think what else could be added and proofreading. It's about time to get this submitted so I can get on with some business at hand, or rather 'in hand!' I've delayed my orgasm long enough. My shaft is looking up at me with eagerness, wondering when I'll start reading some of the most recent postings on SoloTouch, so it will receive the attention it wants, deserves, and is going to get! It's indicating to me that I've delayed long enough and wants to give me another explosion! My final word is not to rush to orgasm every time. Occasionally, slow down and let the buildup take as long as possible! On your mark! Get set! Go! See how long you can make it take this next time - and I'll be awaiting your responses in the days ahead, right here on SoloTouch! Happy orgasms to you all!



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