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Endless Nowhere

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Endless Nowhere by Joystick (kozlyo@yahoo.com)
it was a night like every other. i was sittin in front of my 486 and listening to some MP3s when i've got bored. i've turned on the modem and dialed the number of my ISP. i had no idea where to browse this night so i've just logged on altavista and start searching for the word "amateur". *scratch!* and i've lighted a fuckin cigarette with the lighter. the smoke was spilling from my mouth like i was some dragon or beast may be... fuckin beast... smokin fuckin cigarette... everithing is so fuckin. like the fuckin bitch for example. yes. the fuckin bitch. i loved her... bitch!... but why the hell should i feel so fuckin? *upf*... *pfffff!* i like the damn smoking poison. it's a bit psycho looking altavista trough the smoke... ( hehe ) then i saw the search results. nothin of my interest actually -- always the same link-dedicated bullshit but... well almost. there was a site with no description. may be that was the reason that caused me to *click!* ough! some ugly html apeared...

two clicks later an amateur gallery came into my vision. there was different kind of nude amateur women: fat, ugly, with killer legs, with killer pussies, with... well that one really got my attraction. in my opinion she was 35 years old, with not a killer but not bad looking a bit fat legs, small well looking ass. her brunette hairs were spilling over her back as a tender waterfall over a small mountain lake at summer causing my eyes to fall with him and focus on the well looking breasts. i've looked at them like i was there and like i've feeled them filling my hands when my eyes focused the perfectly shaven pussy. my penis begun to raise. at the next picture i saw a paysage that i was unable to resist. she was staying with her back in front of me, at the ground with a little distance between her legs discovering her lovely pussy and........ wow! this time my pennis reached unbelievable size and hardness. between the two little soft hills of her sweety butt was lying a little cute rose anus. finally i gave up. naturaly i like to masturbate nomatter if i have a girlfriend or not. i'm a man who needs sex a bit more frequent that i can see in fact my girlfriends. sometimes i even tell them to play a bit only with their hands with my dick. it's not the best i receive from them but i like the feeling when i know they want to lick it but they play the way i want. the difference was that this time i was alone. the bitch left me the past week nomatter that i loved her. i was sittin in front of my computer weared with slips and a t-shirt like before i go to sleep but this time i was unable to turn off the pc.

i gave up. i was so horny that i was afraid even to move from the chair to unwear the slips because i was afraid to loose even a bit of that hardness.... so i've put my hand into my slips and just helped my joystick to escape out of his jail. to break free. free and horny. at the same minute i was unable to think anymore. my hand was holding my pennis like it was an escape rope and i was dying. the only movement i was cappable to do was sliding his already bloody-red and hot skin in ahead and back. i've looked at the picture again. my eyes entered into her sweet anus. or it was me? or it was my dick? was i there? or....? again and again and again and again and.... my penis appeared to be the hardest and hottest thing on this world. front back front back... wait! i think i saw her moving and.... it looked like a small liquid drop escaped from her tasty pussy!! oh no! i just cannot resist. somehow i do it anyway. just this time i'm more hot than ever. againandagainandagainandagainANDAGAINANDAGAINANDAGAIN!ANDAGAIN!!!! AAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- sorry about the interuption of such an intime moment for u but can i know how long exactly are u goin to masturbate before u decide to fuck me and will u EVER fuck me because i'm getting sick and tired of all this. i have freezed with my hard hot dick in one hand and burning cigarette in the other one absolutely unable to do whatever. i knew i was alone but she was here or................?!?!?!?!?!?!

to be continued



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