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Electro-Sex With Ed

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Electro-Sex With Ed by Jackinnm@yahoo.com (Jackinnm@yahoo.com)
Ed and I had enjoyed mutual jack-off and docking, experiencing some intense, howling orgasms that had left us utterly drained and content. We liked playing with each other's pricks, watching the vividly defined heads swelling under their ample foreskins, then spitting out their thick, heavy loads. This had led us to decide we'd get together as often as we could, and our living only a mile apart made it convenient.
On this Saturday afternoon, I walked into Ed's apartment to find him inspecting a black plastic box and some wires with clips. Also on the table were several electrodes, which he quickly explained to me were designed to fit on the penis and other parts of our bodies below the waist.
"Hey, let's pick these things up and go into the bedroom," he suggested, and led me to his big queen-sized bed that had several folded towels stacked on one side. "I want you to try this and tell me what you think."
"Okay, just explain how these work," I asked, examining the black box, which had four knobs labeled "Power," "Power," "Pulse," and "Frequency." A transformer attached by a long cord to one side of the box.
"The power box has an on-off switch, and two knobs for power. The first is the coarse power adjustment, and the second the fine adjustment. The frequency knob selects the frequency, and you adjust it for what feels best for you. The last knob lets you choose continuous current or pulses of varying duration. This can really boost the sensations that box pours into your prick."
"How do you attach it, with these things you're got here?" I pointed to an assortment of what appeared to be electrodes of various shapes and sizes.
"Yeah, that's right. This one's an electric cock-ring, and you can put that around your shaft, hear the end or at the base. All of these have studs and you clip the wires onto them. This other one's designed to fit right over the end of the cock-head. I made it myself out of conductive epoxy, and shaped it to fit mine exactly. Since the head of your dick's the same shape as mine, it'll fit you too. This flat one you can put between your butt-cheeks, and if you have it touching your asshole you'll get some sensations you've never had before. It'll make your asshole quiver." He paused to take a breath. He pointed to a rod shaped device with a bulbous end.
"This probe's designed to go inside, but I don't use it because I can get the same sensations with the flat one. This little one you can tape anywhere you want, the base of your shaft, behind your balls, anywhere. With all of these, you have to use conductive jelly for a good contact. If you don't use the jelly, you might get an unpleasant sensation when I turn on the current. Now let's strip down so I can hook you up for the thrill of your life." As we stripped, I asked him about his use of the electro-stimulator.
"I was looking for different sensations," he explained. "I'd had a lifetime of masturbating in the usual ways, and thought this would give me new thrills. I found it really did. I got some sensations I'd never experienced before. I was even able to have orgasm without an erection because this stimulated parts of me deep inside, and made me come by reflex action."
"Without erection? I've sometimes had a soft erection when jacking, but was still able to come. That happen to you too?"
"Oh, yeah, a few times. Using the power box makes it get hard when I turn up the current, but even if I don't get full erection, the juice still makes me come. It's awesome."
"Okay, you said you wanted to try it on me. I'm willing." I lay flat on my back, legs spread, to give Ed full access to my crotch.
"Let's start with the flat one," he said as he poured a couple of drops of conductive jelly from a tube onto the electrode, then slipped it between my legs into the crack between my cheeks. "I'm moving it around to spread the jelly, to make sure there's full contact. Feel it touching your hole now?" I nodded yes and he continued:
"Now let's skin you back. I'll put this dome-shaped electrode right on the end of your glans." His warm fingers grasped my half-hard prick right behind the head and exerted traction on my foreskin, revealing the round front dome with its piss-slit beginning to pout. He poured a couple of drops of jelly onto the end of my glans and placed the electrode over it, then slipped my foreskin forward to cover it completely.
"Good thing we're not circumcised," he said. "If we were, we'd have to hold this in place with tape, and that can be uncomfortable when you take it off. Your foreskin will hold it in place, even when you're hard, because you've got enough skin to cover the head all the way, like me."
"What about when I come?" I asked. "What happens to all the juice?"
"It'll stay inside your skin. I made one with a relief hole at the front to let me shoot, but I found it wasn't necessary because the juice can stay inside. In fact, it's nicer that way. The juice stays trapped inside the foreskin and makes it balloon out, just like when I pee and pinch my foreskin shut. We've both done that."
"Yeah, I remember from the last time I was here. We did that in the shower, and it was fun."
"Okay, now we're ready. I'm going to start you off with a steady current, just to let you feel what it's like. We can get to the pulses later." Ed flipped the on-off switch and slowly turned the power knob clockwise. There was a whisper of life inside the box, and after a couple of seconds a pleasant tingle ran down my cock and through my balls.
"I feel it. It's nice, a very nice sensation, Feels tingly." Ed turned the power up some more, and the tingle increased.
"Now you turn the frequency knob. Adjust it to what feels best for you." I turned the frequency knob counter-clockwise, and it felt like little pulses coursing through my shaft. Then I began to turn it clockwise, and the feeling smoothed out, creating a pleasant tingle again. I turned it farther, and the sensation became sharper, hotter, more urgent.
"All the way to the right seems the most intense," I commented. I felt a very pleasant sensation as my prick began to fill with blood.
"It must feel nice for you because your cock's swelling. I'll turn the power up a bit more. His fingers moved on the knob and the feeling intensified. I saw the outline of my glans become more defined under my foreskin as it swelled.
"The tingle seems to have moved to the top side of my shaft. Do the sensations always move around like that?"
"Yes. What you're feeling is the current running along the dorsal nerves of your penis. Now let me back off a bit on the frequency and turn on the pulse function. This'll be a real thrill." Ed adjusted the pulse knob and suddenly the current wasn't steady any more, but pulsing, and I felt it all the way from my prick to my anus.
"I feel that. It's really different, going all the way through me." He increased the power some more, and now I felt and saw my prick begin to jerk.
"See that? Now the pulses are making the muscles in your penis contract. You probably feel it in your anus too. Let me turn up the power a bit more and you'll really feel it." As he manipulated the power knob, the contractions in my prick became stronger, making my prick jerk up with each pulse. I felt a deep throbbing in my anus, keeping time with each pulse.
"See? It's getting your penis hard now. You're almost 100 percent hard, and I bet you can feel that all through you." He continued to increase the power, and the contractions became stronger. It felt as if a big fist was rhythmically tightening around my head and shaft.
"Yeah, it's really making my prick jerk, as if I were squeezing my crotch muscles hard." I watched my prick continue to jerk as I spoke.
"This is acting on the smooth muscles in your penile and scrotal skin, the same smooth muscles that contract and make your penis and scrotum shrink with cold. Now just stay relaxed, and let the current do the work. You can lie back and not do a thing, and this will make you come in a couple of minutes." He increased the power a bit more, and we both watched my prick jerking in time with the pulses which came at about two a second.
"Yeah, that's really reaching me," I said. "What happens if I change the frequency?"
"Try it and see. You have to find the setting that feels best for you." I adjusted the frequency knob backward, and the current changed to a series of shorter pulses, more intense but not as pleasant. Then I turned it clockwise, and the pulses became smoother. Continuing to turn it, I reached a point where the pulses became sharper, more intense, as if someone were hitting my prick with a hammer. This wasn't as pleasant, and I told Ed so.
"That happens to me too," he commented. "The higher frequencies are too harsh, not as smooth, and if I turn the power up, even painful. Back off a little on the frequency and then turn the power up some more. From this point, I want you to control the power setting, so that you don't hit yourself with too much current."
"What happens if I do?"
"It can be uncomfortable, and even painful. You want to use just enough to make you come, but not so much that it's uncomfortable. Just ease the power up a little more." I followed his instructions after backing off on the frequency to make the sensations smoother, and found that the increased current made my prick jerk harder. Ed turned the pulse knob and the pulses came more rapidly, making my prick jerk faster.
"Now that feels nice, really nice," I said. "I can really feel it." I turned the power up incrementally, and Ed adjusted the pulse know to make the pulses come faster. My legs began to jerk with each pulse, only slightly at first, then more intensely as I eased the power setting higher. I turned the knob a bit more, and reached the end.
"You're giving it all you can with the first power knob. Now begin turning the second one, but do it slowly, very slowly." I obeyed and felt the intensity of the pulses increase, as my legs began to contract hard with each pulse. Now my stomach muscles began contracting in sympathy, and with each pulse the lower part of my body jerked from the end of my prick to my anus.
"Keep this up and you'll be spewing soon," he said. He adjusted the pulse knob to increase the pace, and I felt myself being swept along, not in control of my body any longer. I inched the power knob higher, and was rewarded with a hotter rush of current. My prick lay flat on my stomach, the big swollen helmet straining at its fleshy sleeve, eager to discharge its gushes, but I wasn't quite there yet. I felt Ed's fingers gently palpating my cock-head through the covering skin.
"I can feel that your head's swollen, and it's gotten harder too. Bet it's really dark purple under that skin."
"I'm gonna give it more power," I muttered through clenched teeth. The sexual tension had spread all over my body, and although I made every effort to relax, I was tensing involuntarily, the prelude to orgasm.
"Okay, but slowly. I'm going to be here watching." I saw that Ed's prick was as hard as mine, even though he hadn't touched it, and the big helmet's outline was almost bursting through his long fleshy foreskin.
"This is getting to you, too, watching, huh?"
"Oh, yeah, man. Just watching you is making me hot. I know exactly what you're feeling, and I know you're gonna blow in a minute." I increased the power even more, carefully, enjoying the involuntary jerks of my hard, straining penis, and quick contractions of my scrotal sac, now drawn tightly against my body. A heavy tension was building up in my crotch, and I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold back once I reached a certain point.
"Wow, wonderful," was all I was able to say as my eyes closed and I gave the power knob another nudge. My entire groin was throbbing with the current, and the tightness of my muscles increased, although they released each time the current stopped. Now they no longer relaxed completely, but remained contracted, with each pulse making them tighten further.
"Any second now" Ed whispered. I felt a heavy tingle fill my engorged prick, as it throbbed hard with each pulse. My consciousness began to fade as the moment approached, and the last conscious thing I remember was twisting the power knob to the right. My prick exploded. My anus tightened completely. My crotch muscles gave a sharp contraction and the first hot jet poured into my urethra. I heard myself howling uncontrollably in the distance as waves of sensation disrupted my consciousness and I tumbled into the free-fall of orgasm.
I don't know how many jets I spewed into my foreskin. I was floating in the outer world of sensation, mindlessly enjoying the blissful agony of hot and intense convulsions in my crotch. Eventually, the sensations slowed and weakened, and I returned to Earth.
I came slowly out of my daze. Ed had turned off the power and my prick was utterly at rest. I felt his hands on my dick, and when I opened my eyes he was skinning back my hood to extract the electrode, which he immediately placed on the front dome of his skinned-back member. He pushed his long floppy hood forward to secure it, and took the electrode from my ass crack to place in his. I propped myself up on an elbow to watch him rush to orgasm, as I knew he was hot and ready.
Ed lay on his side facing me, a towel between us to catch my oozing cream and the geysers he'd soon be producing. He had the power most of the way up, and the setting on pulse to make his hot hard dick jerk rhythmically between us. His balls were drawn up against his body, and his erection waved with each pulse.
The outline of his engorged glans strained the thin skin covering it, and the excess foreskin flopped with each jerk of his prick. His eyes were closed because he was reaching the brink, and I saw his fingers turn the power to full. I grasped his hard shaft lightly between two fingers to feel his excitement. His back arched, he howled in joyful agony, and his swollen prick throbbed between my fingers, discharging its first jet. His foreskin swelled like a balloon as he emptied himself into it, the dome-like electrode trapping the juice inside.
His prick felt hot in my encircling fingers as it jetted again and again, draining him completely as the silent pulses of current stimulated his ejaculatory muscles. His foreskin ballooned out with fluid, and he moaned rhythmically as each pulse convulsed his crotch muscles.
His orgasm faded, as mine had, and I moved quickly to reduce the power before it became uncomfortable for him. I eased it down until the knobs were fully at zero, and then he opened his eyes.
"Thanks, that was terrific." He smiled at me and clasped my hand. His penis was softening now, and he began sliding its long fleshy hood back with his other hand. A thick gush of white cream poured out of the slot in his foreskin onto the towel as the electrode fell away, no longer damming the torrent. The cream continued to ooze as I grasped his shaft at the base, pressing my finger up the underside to push out the residue. Now he had the big purple helmet fully exposed, covered with cream, the long slit distended with drops of semen oozing onto the towel.
After a few minutes, we got up to shower, carefully scrubbing each other, paying special attention to our cocks to rinse off the thick, viscous coatings. The hot water flowing over our exposed dick-heads provoked a cleansing stream of urine from each of us. As we dried ourselves, Ed spoke:
"My son will be here tomorrow. Can you make it? He loves mutual j/o too."
"I look forward to it," I said, and next day I showed up to take part in a three-way.



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