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Edging Experiment - Part 5 - Edge 45x - THE CONCLUSION

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Final session of my current Masturbation Experiment with an interesting outCUM and conclusion.


Please, check my Stories and Techniques if you haven't done it yet. You will find more details about my Edging Experiment there.

The final - and most exciting - part of my wanking experiment begun as all the others: there I was, stroking my hard cock with one hand, while massaging my balls with the other hand. I wanked over handjob, JOI and footjob videos in a fully naked position, lubing my cock every 10 minutes. As always, I noted down how many times I edged and after each of them I waited till my penis shrinked to about 50% of its erected size.

As this time I had to edge 45x, naturally I was very excited.

The first 10 edges were easy.

The second 10 was a bit more difficult, but still doable. I noticed this was the time when my balls became heavy and filled. The thought of having so much cum inside made me even more excited.

The so called "issues" started happening after edging about 30-35 times. I noticed even if I waited till I got half erected, every time I restarted, only a few strokes were needed and I was close to an edge again. It really annoyed me. I wanted to wank hard and give some long, full range of motion strokes for my desperate penis, but it just did not want to behave or last long.

So, after the 45th edge I let my dick rest a bit. Then started over again. I quickly got to the point of no return. I had the most amazing orgasm that I recently had during the Edging Experiment Sessions! As I ejaculated my muscles inside my penis just kept contracting and contracting, forcing out so much sperm like there would be no end to this orgasm. In a seated position I hardly ever shoot up to my chest, but this time it happened. I kept stroking and stroking and I could not get enough of the feeling. This was definitely the most intense orgasms I had recently. The intensity could be rated as 85%.

- When I edged 15 times, I reached an orgasm intensity of 60%.
- Then I had a failed attempt to edge 30x, and only managed to do 19 times. The intensity was 75%.
- When I finally managed to edge 30x, I got an intensity of 70%.
- Now that I have edged 45x, the intensity jumped up to 85%.

The conclusion is clear. HOWEVER.

I see no point in "edging" just to stroke a dick a couple of times and then rest again. As you see above I have edged about 30x, when the "trouble" started happening. I feel like from the 31st edging to the 45th edging I kinda wasted my time. I was basically just watching porn without being able to wank my dick _properly_.

Hence I think, it is impossible to tell what the ideal number of edges would be during a masturbation session. I know the whole purpose of this experience was to find the ideal number of edges, but I cannot tell what that number would be. Instead, I would say one should edge as long as possible... then, when you get to the point where you can only go for a couple of strokes, you can keep going a little bit more... but I would rather go for it! Edging numerous times just to be able to stroke my dick up and down twice again... felt like waste of time. I was watching all these beautiful women with huge titties, sexy long legs and stockings and I could not even touch my penis! It was annoying. VERY annoying. Next time I won't wait this long. I will just wank every last drop out of my dick and enjoy the cum-fly.

I am planning to do another experiment. I want to find out in what position I can reach the most intense orgasm. Normally I masturbate in a seated position. Of course I have wanked in many other positions during my life, but now I want to experiment everything again and document it. I want to get out of my habits (wanking while seated), so I was thinking about the following positions:
- standing
- kneeling
- sitting with legs up on the table
- lying on the back
- lying on the back with legs in the air
This list will expand, hopefully. If you could share your favourite masturbating positions here with me I would much appreciate it, maybe I could get some ideas.



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