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Edge of Bliss

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Tantric edging, raise your kundalini...


i love to edge or edge my partner till they are begging and desperate for a release. It took a few ruined orgasms and lots of practice, but so worth it. If I just have time for a quickie the orgasms pale in comparison, from dribbling to ropes that shoot over my head. It even lingers when its returning to limp, every throb is like a mini orgasm. It lasts longer too. Worth the effort, puts one being edged into unbridled, animalistic lust.

The more aroused I get more I long to please my partner, like a symbiotic horniness that plateaus on the edge of orgasm. Not sure the female ques on orgasm, must be similar I assume, like 3 stages for me. stage 1 I know its close...feel a warm wave building quickly in abdominal region,stage 2... balls shrink and begin to contract first one is longer almost slow motion, but unpredictable, cock is swollen rock hard and is oozing stream of pre cum, best lube known to mankind. Not to be confused with sperm, like the thick hot white load at end but clear super slippery pre cum, you know sorry prob over explaining.

This is the point where if you don't stop orgasm is happening and there is no stopping till it runs its course. Stage 3 faster contractions in balls cock throbs 4-5 times each throb produces the moneyshot type cum, and gets weaker each contraction. First 2-3 are pure bliss that ebbs and flows over my whole body. the trick is at stage two, this seems to be edge of plateau, but longer you can stay on this tipping point , more intense and sustained the orgasm gets. Its like first time you discovered you could orgasm times 10.

Ruined ones are the worst though, read many stories that was result first time they edged and made them not want to try again. Don't have to do it every time, or another trick when you start is only try to edge 3 times before you indulge in the release. Increase to 5 after you get that down and so on. I know from a women point of view i have read, and experienced with my partner, waiting to long to start pleasuring again, and this can also ruin experience.

Once you get it down though i can do it for hours, I can't do the days one cause I eventually have to release or I cant focus on anything, and walk around like a viking wanting to just lament anything in sight. My libido is too high normally without being in constant state of lust and arousal. Sometimes just have to do a quickie to let the poison out in morning before i go to work so can treat women I encounter all day with the respect they deserve, instead of eyefucking any attractive women I see. Curse of being a man with lots of testosterone I guess, but older i get More i feel creepy and guilty staring at a beautiful women even if she is dressed provocativley. Anyway, prob tmi, and if you or anyone that has never done it, gives it a try. 



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