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Early Morning Showers

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Love the site. My first story on here...all true. Enjoy...


My girlfriend is amazingly beautiful. We've been together for two years, and have fallen into a very comfortable routine living in an apartment together. She's five foot seven, perfectly proportioned, a great smile, green eyes, and blonde hair, with perfect 34D breasts, a flat tummy with a really cute belly-button piercing, and a bubbly little butt that after two years still gets me going just thinking about it. She's caring, sexy, and everything a guy could ever ask for.

She gets up for work about half an hour before I do. I usually stir awake when I hear her alarm or when she shuts the bathroom door that's right off our bedroom. I roll over and lay there quietly on my back in the dark, warm under the covers in my boxers. I can hear her in the bathroom as she sits down to pee, her thong and shorts sliding down her legs to the floor. I listen as she finishes, then stands up and I can hear her take off her tank top. She starts the shower water up, and I know she is standing in front of the mirror naked while she waits for the water to get warm. As I lie there picturing her brushing through her hair, her perfect breasts slightly swinging, and her dark nipples hardening from the cool bathroom air, I start to touch myself slowly through my boxers. Two or three times a week, I'll hear a soft buzzing over the sound of the shower water, and I know it's her trimmer and she's shaving her pussy nice and bald before she gets in the shower, the way we both like it. My cock hardens quickly at the thought of her touching herself this way, and I usually pull my boxers off at this point and start to play with my balls and ass with my left hand as I slowly jerk my cock with my right.

Then I hear the shower door open and she'll step in. I slowly masturbate as I hear the patterns of the water change, and I know she's facing the water, it's showering her face and the streams of water are coursing down her neck, her chest, her breasts, and off her nipples. Further patterns of water work their way down her tummy, her freshly shaved pussy, and her legs. As her shower goes on, and I get closer and closer to coming, inevitably I'll start to smell her body wash through the door, and I know she's slowly working up a lather with her loofah, and every part of her body is covered in amazing-smelling suds. I'll picture her standing under the water with her eyes closed, her hands slowly moving all over her body washing herself.

At this point, my dick is throbbing and I have to slow way down. I'll tease my nipples thinking about her large dark nipples and areolas dripping wet just on the other side of the closed door from me. I'll usually lay in the quiet warm darkness for just a while more, and then I'll get up and go into the bathroom.

By this point, she's rinsing her hair, and as I walk in with my erect dick, she'll usually glance over and give a little smile as she finishes up and sees me. As I put my contacts in, I'll watch her dry off in the shower behind me, her hair, nipples, and tummy dripping water as she puts a towel around her. We trade places at the counter and I step into the shower.

At this point, being so close to her wet amazing shower smell and tight body, I'm erect and feeling like a single touch could put me over the edge. I watch her as I soap up, and she'll start putting her face creams on as I wash myself. Every so often, she'll glance back at me in the mirror and smile, as she sees my hands unable to stay away from my cock. She'll continue putting her makeup on in the towel as I continue to shower, slowly rubbing my dick here and there. Finally, I can't hold back any longer. I put a nice dollop of body wash in my hand, soap it up, lean against the side of the shower and start to jack my penis nice and steady. She always gives me this little wry knowing smile that I love so much and proceeds to drop her towel, because it's time for her body lotion. She stands there totally naked in front of the mirror, and squirts a big squirt in her hands. She starts with her tits and tummy, and she slowly rubs in it, massaging her breasts and nipples. She works her way down her tummy, the top of her pussy, and her legs. I get really close watching this, and then she reaches back and rubs her perfect little ass cheeks. I can feel my cum welling up, and then, just as I think I can't get any closer without coming, she'll slowly raise one leg at a time up on the counter to rub the inside of her thighs with lotion. As I see her shaved, pink pussy open up slightly, I feel the amazing, familiar feeling of cum rushing up my cock, and I spasm, sending cum flying across the shower, hitting the opposite wall. The orgasm continues as she lifts her other leg and slides her hand up her leg toward her pussy, her tight thighs slick with lotion, her inner pink folds slightly moist still from her shower, her large dark nipples brushing the top of her thigh as she bends over. I collapse against the shower wall, barely able to stand, as she puts her towel back on, gives me a wink and smile in the mirror, and leaves the bathroom to get dressed.

I am a lucky man. This happens about three mornings a week!



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