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Early Masturbation Turn-Ons

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Discovering Sexual Arousal and what turned me on in adolescence.

I've always believed The saying "Our biggest sex organ is our brain." and looking back at being a young teen, I was I was developing 'turn-on's' without realizing it. I normally masturbated in bed in my room at night until one summer day when I was about 14 years old. My Dad was at work and my mom had taken the younger kids with her for the day which left just my older sister and I at home. I was just hanging out watching TV and my sister, who was 17, got a phone call from her boyfriend. They made plans to go to the lake and chatted while I watched TV. I could tell they were getting a little mushy so I just ignored them.

When she was done she told me that he was going to pick her up so she was going to change. When she came down and on her way out she told me that if I was going to leave to make sure I locked the doors and then she left. TV was boring and I shut off the set and tried to think of something to do. It dawned on me that I had the whole house to myself and since it was warm it would be sexy to hang out naked. I went into my room and got undressed and just walked around the house completely naked. It wasn't too long before I became erect and decided to masturbate. Having the house to myself, I could masturbate anywhere I wanted, which really turned me on. For some reason I thought it would be fun to go into my older sister room to masturbate for a while. There was a pile of clothes she had been wearing by her bed. Her panties were there and I picked them up. They were bikini style and made of silky material. Very feminine which really turned me on. They were still warm too. For some reason I wanted to smell them and could smell a musky odor which just got me harder. I remember thinking, 'So this is what a pussy smells like.' having no idea why acquiring that knowledge was important, but it seemed to be. The crotch was a little moist and I had never thought about a pussy being moist, but this too was a major turn on and I began to masturbate while smelling and feeling the silky material on my face. It didn't take long before I was close to orgasm so I tried to slow down and prolong it, but before I knew it I was over the edge and ejaculating all over my stomach. Ever since then I tried to discover new things that aided my sexual arousal. I did feel kind of guilty about using my sister's panties as a sexual aid, but have chalked it up to early sexual exploration.



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