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Early Experiences and Secret Urges

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Struggling with my secret urges as a hormone-addled teenager.


I think I was in my early teens when I started to masturbate. Funny really, because I’d started to notice girls when I was eleven or twelve. Perhaps I was a bit later than others in developing, but it wasn’t until my penis really started to grow that I realised how good it felt touching myself. Almost at the same time I discovered my growing erections, I discovered shaving.

I say discovered because it must have been a spontaneous thing: I hadn’t seen any pornography and there was definitely no one in my group of friends or at school who did it. But almost as soon as pubic hair started to appear, I began to shave it off. Not just the hair on my balls and shaft, but all of my pubic hair. Suddenly the mere touch of my boxer shorts on my smooth skin would have me hard as a rock. The sensitivity of the whole area was mind-blowing, and highly addictive.

As I got older, and all the boys in the change room started to have obvious pubic hair, I realised what I was doing. Having pubes was a sort of badge of honor, and not having them meant there was something wrong with you, or you were gay (I’m no homophobe, but that was the culture in my school at the time). I knew I liked girls, but my secret really caused me a lot of anxiety. Was I really gay? Was I a pervert?

I let my pubes grow, but sooner or later I’d always give in to my urges and shave again. I was (and still am) in good shape, and I loved the way I looked shaved. I felt so big, and my smooth skin felt so good! I could spend hours edging, gently caressing my shaft and balls while fantasising about the girls I knew. I imagined them walking in on me and being shocked by my shaved pubes, but at the same time excited by what they saw. Perhaps they also had a naughty secret? Maybe they shaved their pussies too?

After my post-orgasmic buzz had worn off I was always consumed with guilt. Fortunately I’m not that hairy, so I never needed to worry about shaving my legs, arms or chest. Getting changed for sport was still a minefield, however, and I would count down the days until my pubes had grown back enough. But those feelings of guilt, of breaking a taboo, soon became part of the thrill.

This cycle continued throughout school, and in some ways still continues today. When I started dating, I’d inevitably put off a sexual encounter until my pubes were long enough. When we broke up, I’d be smooth again within days. I have tried subtle “experiments” with shaving with my current partner, but she isn’t really into it and prefers me with pubes, hairy chest and beard. But when she goes away for work the razor inevitably comes out….



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