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Early Adventures In Being Naked With Friends

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Thought I'd share some stories of when I was younger, being naked and masturbating.


I was something of an art geek when I was younger. I wasn't all that great an artist, but I liked drawing, and was very much into photography and so in high school I took a bunch of art classes. One girl was a regular in the same classes. Ronnie had always been something of a loner. She was always sitting in the back of classrooms drawing, kept to herself, didn't talk much. Everyone thought she was weird, and she was made fun of a lot. I didn't follow the pack with the bullying, but I agreed that she seemed weird. Sharing a couple art classes with her, though, made me realize she was actually very cool. Over the fall and winter, she and I would talk and get to know each other, and she turned out to be a sweet, funny, smart girl, who also happened to be super talented.

One day I was looking at her sketchbook (I was always so jealous of how good she was, I had to see whatever new drawings she came up with each day). And then I came across a drawing of a nude. I suddenly realized, it was a self portrait. Ronnie had drawn herself naked.

We were both only 14 at the time, so we were in the midst of puberty. But I remember thinking she was much prettier in that drawing than she seemed at school. She wasn't very shy about the drawing either. She said straight up that she wanted to draw more nudes. She then asked, without any kind of hesitation, if I'd be willing to model for her. At first I said no. It just didn't seem like something I'd be comfortable with. But I thought about it, and I thought the idea of being someone's model was kind of cool. And, to be honest, I was a very horny girl then. I had just discovered masturbating. When Ronnie asked again a couple weeks later, I agreed.

I went to Ronnie's house with her on a Friday afternoon. Her family was very nice, and I got along well with them. After some TV watching and dinner, Ronnie and I went to her bedroom. I remember feeling so horny and nervous about what we were doing. I had only been naked in front of my mom and my doctor at this point, and not for a few years by that point. It was very exciting. We went into Ronnie's room and she locked her door, then looked at me and said "okay, whenever you're ready." Then she went about gathering her pencils.

I took a deep breath and unbuttoned my jeans, pulling them down and kicking them aside. Ronnie looked at me. "Cute panties," she said, and I giggled. I was definitely enjoying this. I pulled off my t-shirt, then stood there for a bit in just my underwear. Ronnie had settled herself on a chair. She smiled at me. "We're doing nudes, Shelly." I giggled more. I felt so silly. I reached behind and undid my bra, then pulled off my panties. And then I was naked. Completely naked. Ronnie looked me over silently for a bit. She then started drawing.

"How do you want me to pose?" I asked. She kept sketching. "Just stay like that for a bit." So I stood there, completely naked in front of her. It felt incredibly to be so exposed to her. It was incredibly erotic. I loved every second of it.

Ronnie would finish a drawing and have me take another pose. She would direct me somewhat, and eventually the poses became a little more daring, showing more of myself to her. But I didn't mind. After she'd finished a few drawings, Ronnie got up and undressed as well. "I like to be free when I'm creating," she explained. Then, once she was as naked as me, she sat back down and got drawing again.

The final pose was on her bed. I laid back with my legs wide open, positioned so she had a perfect view of my pussy. She took a long time with this drawing, which was fine for me since I was laying down. After that, we both just sat there for a while, still naked, talking and enjoying each other's company. I didn't tell her how horny I was. Eventually, it was time to go home. We got dressed, and Ronnie's mom drove me to my house.

I immediately went to my room, locked the door, ripped my clothes off and got onto my bed. I was very new at masturbating then, and apparently didn't quite realize what I could do with my hands. Back then I would straddle a pillow and hump it, rubbing my clit against it. I found my favorite pillow and wrapped my legs around it. My pussy was aching at that point. I wanted to cum so bad!

I slowly started humping, thinking about being naked with Ronnie, thinking of her eyes all over my body. My humping got faster, and very quickly I felt an orgasm surge through me. I covered my mouth so Mom and my stepdad wouldn't hear me squeal. I then fell back onto my bed, exhausted and fell asleep.

Ronnie and I had a couple more drawing sessions after that, but over the summer we sort of drifted apart. I never masturbated with Ronnie, but I would often imagine doing so. I later found out Ronnie was a lesbian, which wasn't too much of a surprise I guess. But that was where the seed of being naked with others was planted for me.



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