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E-mail Turns toMasturbation

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E-mail Turns toMasturbation by Mark (mjahnke@interaccess.com)
Hey Mick, great site, feel free to post mye-mail address:

My masturbation history goes back to when Ithink I was in 2nd grade, when a family friend who was a fewyears older than me showed me for the first time. I was amazed athow he came, and at the time, he was only in the 5th grade. I hadno idea that you could come that young. I think that I came forthe first time in the 6th grade, although I don't reallyremember, but I do remember being really proud of myself.

Since then, I masturbated on a regular basis,although I felt really ashamed about it. Then one day, I wase-mailing a friend from California, and for some reason themasturbation topic came out. Remember, I am now 23 years old andusually masturbate about 3 times a week. We started talking, andshe was telling me how she masturbated several times a day. Thisgot me really turned on, and several times during the work week,I would find myself going into the bathroom to releive my pulsingcock. One day, I suggested taht maybe one night we have a phoneconversation, and see what would happen. We talked about anythingbut masturbation for about a half hour. I think that we were bothafraid to bring it up, but then it happened. We started talkingabout sex, and I instantly got a hard on. I told her that and westarted talking more. By this time, I had already pulled out someVaseline, and was stroking it nice and slow while waiting in bed.I counted several times where I had almost come. After about ahalf hour, she was getting totally worked up, and startedscreaming that she was coming. This sent me over the edge. Iimmediately got on my knees, grabbed a t-shirt, and let it fly. Itold her that I too was cumming. The first shot came flying outlike a bullet as my cock pulsed, then the second, the third, thefourth, the fifth, all the way to the last drop about the 15thpulse. I don't think that I had ever cum that much. It wasintense, and we both felt really stuping and got off the phone.When I e-mailed her the next day, she wrote me back and we talkedabout how intense it was, and how she wished I was there. I toldher that she could be there, and said that I would be willing tomake a video for me, if she would do the same. So one day, I madea video, and I found myself masturbating 3 times a day, foralmost a year until I had about 6 hours worth of mastubating andcum shots. When I sent it to her, she said that she would send mea video, but never did. Several times we talked on the phone andmasturbated together while she watched the video. It was such aturn on to know that she was watching it and enjoying it.

I went to see her about a year later, and itwas very awkward. I stayed at her house, but we were both toouncomfortable to masturbate together, so one night, after shewent to bed, I pulled the Vaseline out of my suitbag, and took mypants off. I turned the tv back on so she couldn't here me, andlayed down on my back in front of the television. I was veryhorny knowing that she was just in the other room, and hopingthat I would have her walk in the room. After stroking for about15 minutes, the tv went to commercial, and in the darkreflection, I saw her watching me around the corner with her handin her pants. I immediatly turned around and told her to comedown on the floor with me. She took her nightgown off as well asher panties exposing her beautiful pussy. She lay on her back asI stroked my cock, almost cumming after about 30 seconds. Theprecum was just pouring out of my cock. I moved closer to her, asshe moved closer to me. We both looked at each others parts witha look of death. Nothing could get our attention off of eeachother. After a while, I knew that I was close to cumming. By thistime, she was as well. I took my cock in hand, and rubbed it afew times acorss her clit as I stroked it. This sent her over theedge, and she thrust her hips in the air as she shuddered andscreamed. I let her ride it out, waiting so she could enjoy mycum shot. I once again rubbed the head of my cock across herpussy. Keep in mind that I have no intention of making any actualpenetration. I left some nice precum on her pussy, and asked herif she was ready. She wanted me to cum all over her. As I gotready to cum, she said to first cum on her pussy, so my firstload and one of the biggest went to her pussy, the next on herstomach, then her chest, the biggest load going all the way up toher face. This was such a turn on. It was just ashamed that I hadto leave and get back home the next day. Since then, she feelsvery awkward about it I think, and won't e-mail me about stufflike that anymore, and won't have phone conversations about it.It is really ashamed, as I loved those conversations. Please feelfree to comment.



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