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Driving Michelle

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Michelle was a great girl. I have no idea why I never asked her out after I broke up with Kathy.


My girlfriend Kathy had to study for a test for finals on the weekend this happened. I ended up taking her good friend Michelle to see her parents that day for something to do.

We got up early that Saturday and made our way about an hour and a bit up the coast to visit. The drive up was very interesting for me. Sexy little Michelle was on her best that day showing off her tiny little sexy body as much as possible. Little did my girlfriend know that she had flashed every part of her body over the past since I met her.

Driving up we had the music on and windows open allowing in the hot breeze. Michelle had her long legs with bare feet stretched out on the dash and sometimes out the window. I had a hard on almost all the way. After a while Michelle laid her head on my lap telling me she was tired and said she wanted to rest for a while. She curled up with her hands under her head on my lap and I'm certain she put her hand on my cock on purpose. I could not help but keep flexing my cock out of desire. Michelle said nothing but kept her hand right on my cock while I pumped and flexed it over and over again. Within a few miles of driving she began to slightly squeeze my cock after each flex. Soon it was a game to see who would say something first.

Finally Michelle gave me a good long squeeze and then sat up straight. She said she really was not tired and enjoyed my company. She asked if I could keep a secret. She then told me she had secretly gone through my girlfriends pictures and saw how big my cock looked when it was hard. She was talking about some pictures we had taken together when having a great weekend of sex while away. She looked straight ahead out the window not saying anything after that. I looked her way and she said, 'so, is that ok with you'? I told her it was ok but she should never tell Kathy. Michelle asked if I was going to tell Kathy about her feeling my cock. I told her no way on earth could I tell her that.

Michelle had something planned for me that I never saw coming. She slid over beside me and then unbuttoned her shirt. She unhooked her bra and slid it off showing me her nice hard tits. Next thing I knew she was taking off her top completely now sitting topless beside me. I loved what she was doing and told her she should be careful not to let any passers by see her. She slid over to the window and slid out up to her waist and screamed out 'look at me' then sat back down. What a wild one she was!

Michelle told me we were about 20 minutes from her parents house and said we should do something exciting that will be our secret forever. I asked what and she reached out for my cock again rubbing it slowly. She commented on how I was still hard and began to unzip my pants. I asked what she was doing she said nothing you don't already do to yourself all the time. I looked at her and she made a motion up and down like a guy jacking off. She then went straight back to unzip me all the way and told me to lift up a bit. I did as she asked then she pulled down my jeans far enough to let my cock free. She took my hard cock in her hand saying how it looked even better for real then right away started to run my tight foreskin up and down my very hard cock.

I was about as horny as I could be. I kept driving as best as possible while she slowly moved her hand up and down my cock. Michelle brought her face close to my cock telling me how she loved to watch a cock squirt out cum but told me I had to wait to do it. She said she was going to tease me for most of the ride. The highway was long and thankfully very quiet. We got up behind a semi truck and Michelle told me to pull up beside him so she could show him how much fun we were having. I thought what the hell so I pulled up beside the truck and kept right there. I could not see the driver from my seat. Michelle honked the horn then slid over and shook her tits at him. A long blast of the air horn came from the truck and I then pulled back behind again.

Michelle laughed and said she was having so much fun then slid back over and took hold of my cock once more. She started jacking me and asked how I felt. I was feeling real good and told her I could cum at any time now. She stopped moving her hand and held my cock at the bottom keeping it sticking straight up. She got her face close to my cock and as if talking to my cock she said you can't cum just yet. She gave me a few fast strokes then stopped, then did the same thing again. I sighed saying how good that felt. Michelle knew she made me feel good with those fast strokes so she kept doing the same thing. She would hold my cock with her whole hand giving it about five or six hard fast strokes then held it tight at the bottom again. She kept grinning and looking at me every time she stopped.

I told Michelle she had to finish me soon or I would not be able to drive. She told me I was just fine and I could wait until she was ready for me to finish. Michelle then changed it up a bit. She took two fingers and every so softly took the skin directly under my cocks head and started rolling it up and down. She took about three seconds to move in each direction. That just about blew my head right off! She would go top to bottom about four times then stop just as I was feeling the urge to cum.

Michelle was a pro and had mastered the art of stroking cock very well. Each time I got close to even starting the feeling of cumming she knew to stop. Michelle kept it up until I was begging her to finish me off. She said we were almost there and it was time for me to cum. Then in a little dumb blonde type of voice she said what will we ever do with all that cum? She asked me how far I usually squirted and I thought she was joking so I never answered. She asked me again and said she wanted to know for real. I told her I usually squirt about my chest height and she should sit back a bit. She began rolling my cock skin back and forth then said you just watch. As I started my climb to cumming Michelle said we're going all the way this time. I pushed hard to squeeze my cock as tight as I could to enjoy my squirting as much as possible Michelle was stroking me fast by then and as I got ready to squirt she slowed right down pulling my foreskin hard toward the bottom of my cock. I had a great and wonderful long squirt and Michelle watched my cock closely as each rope of cum squirted up and onto her hand and arm. As I was finishing she squeezed out the tip getting every drop out. Michelle sat up with her cum soaked hands and asked if I was ok. I could hardly breathe and she looked at me smiling then started to lick my cum from her hands and laughing softly with each lick swallowing every drop. As soon as she had no more of my cum on her she took my half hard cock and tucked me back in saying we needed to turn right ahead. We drove for a few more minutes then arrived at her parents place.

I could not believe what had just happened. We got out of the car like nothing happened. Michelle's Mom cam out of the house with arms wide open. Michelle told her not to kiss her because she thought she may have a cold. While hugging her mom she gave me a big smile and licked her lips.

On the way home nothing happened but we sure talked about sex a lot. It's been one of my most favorite things to look back on when I masturbate or sometimes when I'm making love and I need an extra boost. If only they knew.



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